Volume 8: The Epigrams, Epithalamions, Epitaphs, Inscriptions, and Miscellaneous Poems

Volume 8: The Epigrams, Epithalamions, Epitaphs, Inscriptions, and Miscellaneous Poems


The Epigrams

Antiq               Antiquary.  [If in his study]

AutHook         Ad Autorem.  [Non eget Hookerus]

AutJos             Ad Autorem.  [Emendare cupis Joseph]

Beggar           A Lame Beggar.  [I am unable, yonder beggar cries]

Cales              Cales and Guiana.  [If you from spoil]

Disinher         Disinherited.  [Thy father all from thee]

Faust              Faustinus.  [Faustinus keeps his sister]

Hero               Hero and Leander.  [Both robbed of air]

Jug                 The Juggler.  [Thou callest me effeminate]

Klock              Klockius.  [Klockius so deeply hath sworn]

Liar                 The Liar.  [Thou in the fields walkest]

Licent             A Licentious Person.  [Thy sins and hairs]

Martial            Raderus.  [Why this man gelded Martial]

Merc               Mercurius Gallo-Belgicus.  [Like Aesop’s fellow slaves]

Niobe              Niobe.  [By chilldren’s birth and death]

Philo                An Obscure Writer.  [Philo with twelve years’ study]

Phrine             Phrine.  [Thy flattering picture, Phrine]

Pyr                 Pyramus and Thisbe.  [Two by themselves each other]

Ralph             Ralphius.  [Compassion in the world again is bred]

SelfAc             A Self Accuser.  [Your mistress, that you follow whores]

Ship                A Burnt Ship.  [Out of a fired ship]

Wall                Fall of a Wall.  [Under an undermined and shot-bruised wall]

Wing              Sir John Wingfield.  [Beyond th’old pillars]


The Epithalamions

Eclog             Eclogue at the Marriage of the Earl of Somerset.  [Unseasonable man, statue of ice]

EpEliz             Epithalamion upon . . . the Lady Elizabeth.  [Hail, Bishop Valentine]

EpLin            Epithalamion Made at Lincoln’s Inn.  [The sunbeams in the east]


Epitaphs and Inscriptions

EgDD             Epigraph from Death’s Duel.  [Corporis haec animae]

EtAD             Epitaph for Ann Donne.  [Annae / Georgii More de filiae]

EtED              Epitaph for Elizabeth Drury.  [Quo pergas, viator]

EtRD              Epitaph for Robert and Anne Drury.  [Roberti Druri / quo vix alter]

EtSP              John Donne’s Epitaph . . . in St. Paul’s Cathedral.  [Iohannes Donne / Sac: Theol: Profess:]

InAA              Inscription in the Album Amicorum of Michael Corvinus.  [In propria venit]

InLI               Inscription in a Bible Presented to Lincoln’s Inn.  [In Bibliotheca Hospitii]


Miscellaneous Poems

Amic              Amicissimo et Meritissimo Ben Jonson.  [Quod arte ausus es hic tua]

Gaz                Translated out of Gazaeus.  [God grant thee thine own wish]

Ignatius        Verse from Ignatius.

Stat               Stationes from Devotions.  [Insultus morbi primus]



Apoth             Apotheosis Ignatij Loyolae.  [Qui sacer antefuit]