Volume 3: The Satyres

Volume 3: The Satyres


Coryat               Vpon Mr. Thomas Coryats Crudities. [Oh to what heigth will loue of greatnesse driue]

Macaron           In eundem Macaronicon.  [Qvot, dos daec, Linguists perfetti, Distichs make]

Metem                Infinitati Sacrum 16. Augusti. 1601. Metempsychosis Poema Satyricon. [I sing the progress of a deathless soul]

Metem Epistle   [Others at the Porches and Entries of their Buildings…]

Sat1                     Satyre 1.  [Away thou changeling motley humorist]

Sat2                    Satyre 2.  [Sir, Though (I thanke God for it) I do hate]

Sat3                    Satyre 3.  [Kind pity choakes my spleene; braue scorne forbids]

Sat4                    Satyre 4.  [Well; I may now receaue and dy; My Sin]

Sat5                    Satyre 5.  [Thou shalt not laugh in this leafe, Muse, nor they]



Incipit Ioannes Dones             Incipit Ioannes Dones.  [Loe her’s a Man, worthy indeede to trauell]