First-Line Index to TM1

First-Line Index to TM1

Crewe ms. (formerly Monckton Milnes ms.) Meisei University Library, Tokyo

Compiled September 16, 1993, by Gary A. Stringer

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line.

Additional Information:
om = omitted
Gr. = Grierson
lm = left margin
| = following words on this line   
/ = following words on next line
see footnotes also

Inscription on title page (f. [i]):
                            A Collection of/ Original Poetry,/ written about the time of/ Ben: Iohnson./ 
                            qui. ob. 1637/ [2nd hand, that of John Simeon] Chiefly in the Autograph of/ 
                            D.r Donne/ Dean of S.t Paul's 
                ff. [iir-v] Contents (lists all poems by ms. page no.; same hand as first hand on title 
                 f. [iii]   an old ms. leaf wr. in Latin, used as part of binding 
ElAut    TM1.1  pp. 1-2     HE  The widdow/ Noe spring nor sommer beauty (ll. 1-28, 33-50) [attr I D:] 
Beggar   TM1.2  p.  2       HE  Ep. [lm] | I am unable yonder beggar cryes (2 ll.) [unattr] 
Ind      TM1.3  p.  2       HE  Sonnett: [lm] | I can love both fayre & browne (ll. 1-9) [unattr] 
ElWar    TM1.4  p.  3       HE  Datie bellu%M/ expertis [lm] | [1/2 p. of "Love's War" scratched out] 
Prohib   TM1.5  p.  3       HE  om  | Love & hate mee too (ll. 17-24) [unattr] 
ElExpost TM1.6  pp. 4-5     HE  Elegie / To make the doubt cleere (ll. 1-22, 27-28, 31-32, 53-70) [unattr]
nc       TM1.7  p.  6       HE  Sejanus / Ben Jhons [lm] |Swell. Swell my eyes (22 ll.) [Ben Jonson] 
nc       TM1.8  p.  6       HE  mariage [lm] | Mirrors though dect wth diamonds (4 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.9  p.  6       HE  om  | what ioy or honor can compare (6 ll.) [??]
nc       TM1.10 p.  7       HE  Epithalamion: B: J: / Gladd time is at his point ariu'd (35 ll.) [Ben 
nc       TM1.11 p.  8       HE  A Cry for/ Cupidd/ B: J: [lm] |Beauties haue ye seene this toy (28 ll.) 
                                [Jonson, masque?]2
nc       TM1.12 p.  9       HE  W: Place [lm]  On a ring giuen to his / Goe ringe go to 
                                her in a happie hower (18 ll.) [Strode?] 
nc       TM1.13 p.  10      HE  Sonnett: [lm] | Hence vaine delights as short (18 ll.) [Fletcher??]3
nc       TM1.14 p.  10      HE  A Curse [lm] | Who so desires my loue to know (8 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.15 p.  11      HE  Epig: [lm] | In Iuuines nimis modestos ( 5 ll., all except title  
                                scratched out) [??] 
nc       TM1.16 p.  11      HE  om | Think not Deare loue yt Ile rebuke (10 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.17 pp. 12-13   HE  om | If shadowes bee the pictures excellence (48 ll.) [Walton Poole; Gr. 
ElComp   TM1.18 pp. 14-16   HE  Elegie / As the sweet sweat of roses in a still (54 ll.) [unattr] 
ElAnag   TM1.19 pp. 16-18   HE  Elegie / Marry and love thy Flauia (56 ll.) [unattr] 
ElPerf   TM1.20 pp. 18-21   HE  Elegie / Once and but once found in thy Companie (ll. 1-6, 9-72) [unattr] 
ElNat    TM1.21 pp. 21-22   HE  Elegie / Natures lay idiot (30 ll.) [unattr] 
ElBrac   TM1.22 pp. 23-27   HE  Elegie / Not that in cullour it was like thy hayre (114 ll.) [unattr] 
nc       TM1.23 pp. 27-28   HE  Satyr / A woman's friendship! God (whom I trust in) (32 ll.) [Ben Jonson] 
TWHence  TM1.24 p.  29      HE  om | At once fro%M hence my lines and I depart (14 ll.) [Incerto. in rm, 
                                2nd hand] 
TWHail   TM1.25 pp. 29-30   HE  om | All hayle Sweet Poett (32 ll.) [unattr; To M. I. W. in rm in 2nd handRWThird  TM1.26 pp. 30-31   HE  To Mr Rowland / Woodward [lm] | Like one who in her third widdowhood 
                                doth p%Pfess (36 ll.) [unattr]
HWNews   TM1.27 pp. 31-32   HE  To Sr Hen: Wotton: [lm] | Heers noe more news then virtue (27 ll.) [unattr]
HWKiss   TM1.28 p.  32      HE  To Sr Hen: Wotton: [lm] | Sr more yn kisses (ll. 1-24) [unattr] 
EdHerb   TM1.29 p.  33      HE  To Sr Ed: Herbert: [lm] | Man is a lump (ll. 1-30, 41-50) [unattr] 
Carey    TM1.30 pp. 34      HE  to Mrs Essex Rich and / her Sister fro%M Amiens [lm] | Maddame. / 
                                Heere wher by all (ll. 1-36) [unattr] 
HWKiss   TM1.31 pp. 35-36   HE  om | The Countrie is a desert where noe good  (ll. 25-58, 63-70) [unattr] 
BedfReas TM1.32 p.  36      HE  To ye C: of Bedford: [lm] | Madame. / Reason is our soules left hand 
                                (ll. 1-16, 33-38) [unattr] 
Bait     TM1.33 p.  37      HE  om | Come liue wth mee (28 ll.) [attr ...then I./ D.] 
nc       TM1.34 pp. 38-39   HE  Loue. [lm] | Base loue ye stayne of youth the scorn of age 
                                (58 ll.) [attr D.] 
nc       TM1.35 p.  40      HE  On ye Death of Q Eliz: / The Queen was brought by water to Whithall 
                                (8 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.36 p.  40      HE  an other / Wepe greatest Ile, and ffor thy Mrs death (6 ll.) [apocryphal, 
                                T. Dekker] 
nc       TM1.37 p.  40      HE  om | Twise twelue years not yet full could dreary? breath (6 ll.) [attr 
                                in 2nd hand Mr Morrice verses found in his pocket] 
nc       TM1.38 p.  41      HE  Prayer. / Behold o God INRIvers of my teares (26 ll.) [Will Browne, 
nc       TM1.39, 40 p. 42   HE  Love [lm] | Loue whose powr & might (32 ll.) + HE Her Answer / 
                                Yor lr%Me I receiud (16 ll.) [??; poems side-by-side on p.]
Broken   TM1.41 p.  43      HE  om | he is madd who euer sayes (32 ll.) [attr I D] 
nc       TM1.42 p.  44      HE  made his tombe in / his life time [lm] | Heer lyes Sr Baptist Hickes knt 
                                (2 ll.) [??; ref. to Ld Campden] 
nc       TM1.43 p.  44      HE  Io Hosk: [lm] | Here lyes Sr John skip squyre (4 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.44 p.  44      HE  Ep: [lm] | If to the graue ther euer were assigned (6 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.45 p.  45      HE  a Riddle of/ a Penn: [lm] | of flesh and blood first was I borne (20 ll.) 
ValMourn TM1.46 p.  46-47   HE  Elegie / As Virtuous men pass mildly away (36 ll.) [attr I. D:] 
nc       TM1.47 p.  47      HE  A Poeme: / Absence heare my protestacion (24 ll.)  [Hoskins] 
nc       TM1.48 p.  48      HE  To the younge gentlew: at Court: / Beware fayre mayds (26 ll.) [J. 
nc       TM1.49 p.  49      HE  Qualities for a lover / If I freely may discover (20 ll.) [Ben Jonson]4
Twick    TM1.50 p.  49      HE  Womens / Tears [lm] | Hither with Cristall glasses louers come (ll. 
                                19-27) [unattr] 
Will     TM1.51 p.  50-51   HE  The Will: / Before I sight my last gaspe (ll. 1-18, 28-54) [attr I D:] 
ConfL    TM1.52 p.  51-52   HE  om | Some man unworthy to bee possessor (21 ll.) [attr I D] 
SGo      TM1.53 p.  52      HE  A Songe [lm] | Goe catch a falling starr (27 ll.) [unattr] 
ElFatal  TM1.54 p.  53-54   HE  Elegie / By our first strang and fatall enterview (56 ll.) [attr D] 
nc       TM1.55 p.  55      HE  om  | Fayrest and kindest of all woman kind (12 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.56 p.  55      HE  om  | My frutles prayers may cease in vayne to moue her (2 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.57 p.  55      HE  Love. [lm] | The thirst of Tantalus (7 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.58 p.  55      HE  all things / change [lm] | Yet haue I not this loue of change in mee 
                                (4 ll.) [??} 
nc       TM1.59 p.  55      HE  om  | Disdain me not that am yr owne (4 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.60 p.  56      In Iuliett & Romeo [lm] | HE  at a dance / Oh shee doth teach the torches to 
                            burne bright (12 ll.) [Shak., RJ 1.5.44 ff.] 
nc       TM1.61 p.  56      HE  Loue [lm] | Loue yf a god thou art (12 ll.) [??; Gr. 448] 
ElAnag   TM1.62 p.  57      HE  Loue / & / Beauty. [lm] | Loue built on beauty soone as beuty dyes 
                                (ll. 27-38, 41-52, 55-56) [unattr] 
LovDiet  TM1.63 p.  58      HE  Loues Dyett: / to what a cumbersome unwieldiness (ll. 1-26) [unattr] 
Carey    TM1.64 p.  59      HE  om | this virtue thinkinge to giue dignities (ll. 37-63) [unattr] 
Lect     TM1.65 p.  60      HE  Shadow: [lm] | Stand still & I will read to thee (26 ll.) [unattr] 
nc       TM1.66 p.  61      HE  B Jonson [lm] | The Bodie / Sitting & readie to bee drawne? [Picture 
                                in lm beside l. 9] (33 ll.) [Ben Jonson]  
nc       TM1.67 p.  62      to ye Kinge [lm] | Middleton's Verses who was comitted to yr Fleet 
                            for ye / play called the "Game at chess:" / A Harmless Game etc. (8 ll.) [??]
nc       TM1.68 p.  62      HE  Woying [lm] | Foure wayes some say there are of woying (8 ll.) [??] 
nc       TM1.69 p.  63      HE  Heart / Lost. [lm] | Good folkes for gold or hire (23 ll., undeciph.) 
nc       TM1.70 p.  63      HE  Riddle on Love. / Who can define this all thing nothing loue (14 ll.) 
                                [attr. Sherly] 
Break    TM1.71 p.  64      HE  Woman: [lm] | I true 'tis day what though it be? (18 ll.) [attr D.] 
Nott     TM1.72 p.  64      HE  E. of / Nottingham
                                I Earle of Nothing=am, am iustly soe 
                                for I did nothing all the world doth know 
                                when braue Count Essex landed on the shore 
                                I landed too, but Cales was wonn before./
Flea     TM1.73 p.  65      HE  Flea. [lm] | Mark but this flea (ll. 1-9, 19-27) [attr D.] 
nc       TM1.74 p.  65      HE  Starr / & / Moone [lm] | Mr Starr and Mrs Moone 
                                maryed: / Dick Starr & lis moone together doe wedd (4 ll.) [??] 
ElAnag   TM1.75 p.  67[66]  Elegie Iocos: / Marry and loue etc. (ll. 1-26) [unattr] 

ALPHABETICAL INDEX of poems follows p. [66] in hand of John Simeon
1Attrib. to B J in ms., but not listed in Hunter, The Complete Poetry of Ben Jonson. Not in Bates' 
2Not listed in Hunter.  Not in Bates.
3Similar to but diff. from a song in Fletcher's The Nice Valour; prob. memorial reconstruction or based 
    on same original as Fletcher. 
4From The Poetaster