First-Line Index to H8

First-Line Index to H8

ms. Eng. 966.7, Harvard University Library (Norton ms. 4620, Utterson ms.)

Compiled June 26, 1994, by Katie Hannah

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (noncan = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %X = element centered on the page.

Additional information: The original foliation, visible at the top left of most rectos, skips f. 56. A revised foliation rectifying this error has since been added and is reflected in the list below and in the folio citations in the textual apparatus of edited poems. ff. numbered in left margin of recto; not all ff. are numbered.

Mess          H8.1   f. 1         HE     %XA Songe L I.D.
                                  Send home my long strayd eyes to mee,

Image         H8.2   f. 1v        HE     %XOf Sleepe. I.D.
                                  Image of her whom I loue more then shee

Triple        H8.3   f. 2         HE     %Xffooles.
                                  I am two fooles I know

Appar         H8.4   f. 2v        HE     %XApparition./
                                  When by thy scorne o Murdresse I am dead

Canon         H8.5  ff. 3-3v      HE     %XCanonizatio. L I.D.
                                  ffor Gods sake hold your tongue & let me loue

Leg           H8.6   f. 4         HE     %XA Songe.
                                  When I dyed last, & deare I dye

Broken        H8.7  ff. 4v-5      HE     %XSonge. D.
                                  Hee is stark madd who euer sayes

noncan        H8.8   f. 5         HE     %XA Sonnet.
                                  Thou art not faire for all thy redd & white (12 ll.)

ElAut         H8.9  ff. 5v-6      HE     %XSpringe.
                                  Noe springe nor Sum%Mers beauty hath such grace

ElAnag(pt 2)  H8.10 ff. 6v-7      HE     om
                                  Weomen are like Angells & the faire bee (ll. 29-56)

NegLov        H8.11  f. 7         HE     %XThe Nothinge.
                                  I neuer stoopte soe lowe as they
LovDiet       H8.12 ff. 7v-8      HE     %XLoues Diett L I.D.
                                  To what a cumbersome vnweildines

LovDeity      H8.13 ff. 8v-9      HE     %XLoues Deity.
                                  I long to talke with some old louers ghost

Sappho        H8.14  f. 9         HE     om
                                  Mee in my glasse I call thee, but (alas!) (ll. 55-64)

Damp          H8.15  f. 9v        HE     I.D.
                                  When I am dead, & Doctors know not why;
EpEliz        H8.16 ff. 10-12     HE     %XSt Valentine
                                  Haile Bishopp Valentine whose day this is

MHPaper       H8.17 ff. 12v-13    HE     om
                                  Madd papers stay & grudge not here to burne
Storm         H8.18 ff. 13v-14v   HE     %XA Storme. per I.D:
                                  Thou wch art I; (tis nothing to be soe)

Calm          H8.19 ff. 15-15v    HE     %XA Calme. I.D.
                                  Our storme is past, & that stormes tyrannous rage

noncan        H8.20  f. 16        HE     %XIn obrium mertuum
                                  Why should not Pilgrimes to thy body come, (26 ll.) [SS. F.B.]

noncan        H8.21  f. 16v       HE     om
                                  Shall I like an Hermite dwell (32 ll.)

noncan        H8.22  f. 17        HE     om
                                  (Victorious beauty) though your eyes (25 ll.)

noncan        H8.23  f. 17v       HE     %XSr Henry Wotton.
                                  How happy is he borne or taught, (24 ll.)

noncan        H8.24  f. 18        HE     om
                                  Beware faire Maides of musky Courtiers oathes, (24 ll.)

noncan        H8.25  f. 18v       HE     %XA Wife.
                                  Such as I haue to my owne heart propounded (14 ll. )

noncan        H8.25  f. 18v       HE     %XEpigram.
                                  One calls mee freind, yet vrges mee to pay

ElFatal       H8.26 ff. 19-19v    HE     %XIoh: Donne
                                  By our first strange & fatall enterveiw

noncan        H8.27  f. 20        HE     %XI.D.
                                  Absence heare my protestation (24 ll.)

Token         H8.28  f. 20v       HE     %XI.D.
                                  Send mee some token that my hope may liue,

noncan        H8.29 ff. 21-21v    HE     %XD.
                                  Deare loue continue nice & chaste (34 ll.)
Prohib(pt 1)  H8.30  f. 22        HE     om
                                  Take heed of loueing mee [SS. I.D.] (ll. 1-16 only)

Prohib(pt 2)  H8.31  f. 22        HE     %XAnsweare.
                                  Yet loue & hate mee too! (ll. 17-24 of Prohib)

noncan        H8.32  f. 22v       HE     %XI.D.
                                  Vengeance will sitt aboue our faults but till (20 ll.)

Commun        H8.33  f. 23        HE     %XI.D.
                                  Good wee must loue & must hate ill,

Curse         H8.34 ff. 23v-24    HE     %XThe Curse. I.D.
                                  Who euer guesses, thinkes, or dreames he knowes

Antiq         H8.35  f. 24        HE     %XEPIGRAMS. per I.D.
                                  If in his study Hamon hath such care

Disinher      H8.36  f. 24        HE     om
                                  Thy father all from thee by his last will

Liar          H8.37  f. 24        HE     om
                                  Thou in the feild walkst out thy supping howers

Merc          H8.38  f. 24v       HE     %XMercurius Gallobelgicus.
                                  Like AE%Lsops fellow-slaues o Mercury

Phrine        H8.39  f. 24v       HE     om
                                  Thy flattering picture Phrine is like thee

Philo         H8.40  f. 24v       HE     om
                                  Philo with twelue yeares study hath bin greiued
Klock         H8.41  f. 24v       HE     om
                                  Rockius soe deeply hath vow'd n'ere more to come

noncan        H8.42  f. 24v       HE     om
                                  Smugg the Smith for ale & spice (2 ll.)

noncan        H8.43  f. 25        HE     %XOn the blessed / %XVirgin Mary. I.D.
                                  In that o%C Queene thy birth was free (14 ll.)
noncan        H8.44  f. 25v       HE     %XI.D. Sonnett
                                  If I freely may discouer (19 ll.)

Lit           H8.45 ff. 26-30v    HE     %XI.D. A Letanie.
                                  ffather of heauen, & him by whom

noncan        H8.46  f. 30v       HE     %XMr Hoskins to his Sonne.
                                  Sonne Beniamin while thou art yong (4 ll.)

Cross         H8.47 ff. 31-32     HE     %XOf the Crosse. I.D.
                                  Since Christ imbrac'd the Crosse himselfe, dare I

noncan        H8.48  f. 32        HE     om
                                  Doe but consider this small dust (10 ll.)

LovExch       H8.49 ff. 32v-33    HE     %XI.D. Sonnet.
                                  (Loue) any diuell els but you

ElProg        H8.50 ff. 33v-35    HE     %XI.D. Loues Progresse.
                                  Who euer loues if hee doe not propose

Fare          H8.51 ff. 35v-36    HE     %XFarewell to loue. Mr An: Saintleg
                                  Whilst yet to proue

LovUsury      H8.52  f. 36v       HE     %XI.D.
                                  ffor euery hower that thou willt spare to mee

Under         H8.53 ff. 37-37v    HE     %XID.
                                  I haue done one brauer thinge

Air           H8.54 ff. 37v-38    HE     %XAire & Angells.
                                  Twice or thrice had I lou'de thee

GoodM         H8.55  f. 38v       HE     %XI.D.
                                  I wonder by my troth wt thou & I

LovGrow       H8.56  f. 39        HE     %XA Springe. I.D.
                                  I scarce beleiu'd my loue to be soe pure

Fever         H8.57 ff. 39v-40    HE     %XA Feaver. I.D.
                                  Oh doe not dye, for I shall hate

SSweet        H8.58 ff. 40v-41    HE     om
                                  Sweetest loue I doe not goe for weariness of thee,

noncan        H8.59  f. 41        HE     %XSonnett
                                  Maddam, / That flea wch crept betweene yor breasts (14 ll.)

Prim          H8.60 ff. 41v-42    HE     %XID. The Primerose.
                                  Vpon this Primerose hill

Blos          H8.61 ff. 42-43     HE     %XID. The Blossome.
                                  Little think'st thou poore flower

Relic         H8.62 ff. 43-43v    HE     %XID. The Relique.
                                  When my graue is broke vp agayne

Fun           H8.63  f. 44        HE     %XThe Funerall. I.D.
                                  Who euer comes to shrow'd mee doe not harme

noncan        H8.64 ff. 44v-45    HE     %XI.D.
                                  Beleiue your glass, & it will tell you (deare) (45 ll.)

noncan        H8.65  f. 45v       HE     %XID.
                                  ffortune neuer fayles, if shee bidd take place (26 ll.)

Anniv         H8.66 ff. 46-46v    HE     %XD.
                                  All Kings, & all their ffauourites

Para          H8.67 ff. 46v-47    HE     %XID.
                                  Noe louer sayth I loue, nor any one

Expir         H8.68  f. 47        HE     %XSonnet. / %XValedictio Amoris.
                                  Soe so leaue off this last lamenting kisse

Will          H8.69 ff. 47v-48v   HE     %XI.D. LOVES LEGACIE.
                                  Before I sigh my last gaspe let mee breath

Eclog(pt 1)   H8.70 ff. 49-51     HE     %XECLOGVE. I.D. / Allophanes . . . there.
                                  Allop: Vnseasonable man, statue of ice (ll. 1-104)

Eclog(pt 2)   H8.71 ff. 51-52v    HE     %XEPITHALAMION. / %X1. The tyme of ye marriage. 
                                  Thou art repriu'de old yeare, thou shalt not dye (ll. 105-70)

Ind           H8.72  f. 53        HE     %XSonge. I.D.
                                  I can loue both fayre & browne,

Cor1          H8.73 f. 53v        HE     %XLA CORONA. I. D.
                                  Daigne at my hand this Crowne of Prayer & Praise.

Cor2          H8.74 f. 53v        HE     %X2.
                                  Saluation to all that will is nigh;

Cor3          H8.75    54         HE     %X3. >>Quid Enim ni**<<
                                  Immensity cloystered in thy deare wombe

Cor4          H8.76 f. 54         HE     %X4. >>4. ******* *** ********<<
                                  With his kinde mother who partakes thy woe;

Cor5          H8.77 f. 54v        HE     %X5.
                                  By miracles exceeding power of man,

Cor6          H8.78 ff. 54v-55    HE     %X6.
                                  Moist with one dropp of thy bloud, my dry soule

Cor7          H8.79 f. 55         HE     %X7.
                                  Salute y%5e%6 last & euerlasting day 

Goodf         H8.80 ff. 55v-56    HE     %XGOOD FRIDAY. 1613. I.D.
                                  Lett Mans Soule be a Spheare & then in this

HWKiss        H8.81 ff. 56v-57v   HE     %XI.D.
                                  S%5r%6 / More then kisses letters mingle Soules,

TWHail        H8.82 ff. 58r-v     HE     %XTo M%5r%6 T.W. I.D.
                                  All haile sweete Poet more full of more strange fire

RWThird       H8.83 ff. 58v-59v   HE     %XTo M%5r%6 Rowland Woodward. I.D.
                                  Like one, who in hir third widdow-hood doth profess

HG            H8.84 ff. 59v-60v   HE     %XTo S%5r%6 Henry Goodyer.
                                  Who makes the past y%5e%6 patterne for next yeare

BedfReas      H8.85 ff. 60v-61v   HE     %XTo the Countess of Bedford. I.D.
                                  Maddam, / Reason is o%5r%6 Soules left hand, faith her right

ElBrac        H8.86 ff. 61v-63    HE     %XArmilla. I.D.
                                  Not that in colour it was like thy haire,

noncan        H8.87 ff. 63v-64v   HE     %XTo the Countess of Rutland. ff.B.
                                  Maddam soe may my verses pleasing bee (70 ll.)

noncan        H8.88 ff. 64v-65v   HE     om
                                  Haue I renounc'd my faith, or basely sold 

                    ff. 66r-v     blank [scribblings]

Sat1          H8.89 ff. 67r-v     HE     %XSATYR. 1. L I.D.
                                  Away thou changling motley Humorist

Sat2          H8.90 ff. 68-69v    HE     %XSATYR. 2./.
                                  S%5r%6 though (I thake god for it) I doe hate

Sat3          H8.91 ff. 70-71v    HE     %XSATYR. 3./I.D.
                                  Kinde pitty choakes my spleene, braue scorne forbids

Sat4          H8.92 ff. 72-75v    HE     %XSATYR. 4. I.D./
                                  Well - I may now receaue & dye: my sin

Sat5          H8.93 ff. 76-77     HE     %XSATYR. 5.
                                  Thou shalt not laugh in this leafe (Muse) nor they

noncan        H8.94 ff. 77v-78    HE     %XSATYR. 6. S%5r%6 Th: Roe.
                                  Men write that loue & reason disagree, (44 ll.)

noncan        H8.95 ff. 78v-80v   HE     %XSATYR. 7. per I.D.
                                  Sleepe next society of true frendshipp (134 ll.) 

                    ff. 81-82v    blank
ElComp        H8.96 ff. 83r-v     HE     %XELEGIES.
                                  As the sweete sweate of Roses in a Still,

ElPerf        H8.97 ff. 84-85     HE     %XELEGIE. 2%5a%6. I.D.
                                  Once & but once found in thy company

ElJeal        H8.98 ff. 85v-86    HE     %XELEGIE. 3%5a%6.
                                  ffond woman w%5ch%6 woulds't haue thy husband dye,

ElServe       H8.99 ff. 86-87     HE     %XELEGIE. 4%5a%6.
                                  Oh lett mee not serue soe as those men serue,

ElNat         H8.100 ff. 87r-v    HE     %XELEGIE 5%5a%6.
                                  Natures lay Ideott I taught thee to loue

ElChange      H8.101 ff. 88r-v    HE     %XELEGIE 8%5a%6. I.D.
                                  Although thy hand, & faith, & good workes too

ElPict        H8.102 f. 89        HE     %XELEGIE. 9%5a%6. I.D.
                                  Here take my picture though I bidd farewell

ElAnag(pt 1)  H8.103 ff. 89v-90   HE     %XELEGIE. 10 %5a%6. I.D.
                                  Marry & loue thy fflauia, for shee  (ll. 1-28 only)--cf. item 10

BedfShe       H8.104 ff. 90r-v    HE     %XI.D. An ELEGIE to the La: Bedford.
                                  You that are shee & yo%5u%6 that's double shee

ElExpost      H8.105 ff. 91-92    HE     %XELEGIE. I.D.
                                  To make the doubt cleare that noe woman's true

noncan        H8.106 ff. 92r-v    HE     %XAn ELEGIE to M%5rs%6 Boulstred. I.R.
                                  Shall I goe force an Elegy? abuse (38 ll.)

Mark          H8.107 ff. 93-94    HE     %XA Funerall Elegye Vpon / %Xthe death of the Lady / %XMarkham.
                                  Man is the world, & death the Ocean

noncan        H8.108 f.94v        HE     %XOn the Countesse of Rutland. / %XFranc: Beaumont.
                                  I may forgett to eate, to drinke, to sleepe

ElWar         H8.109 ff. 95r-v    HE     %XELEGIE. 6%5a%6. I.D.
                                  Till I haue peace with thee, warr other men,

noncan        H8.110 ff. 96-97v   HE     om
                                  Why didst thou dye so soone? Oh pardon mee (94 ll.)

noncan         H8.111 ff. 98-99v   HE     %XAn Elegye on the late Lo: / %XWillm Howard Baron E'fingham / %                                          Xwho dyed Decem: 10. 1615. D%5r%6 Corbet.
                                   I did not know the Lord, nor doe I striue (87 ll.)

noncan         H8.112 ff. 99v-100  HE     %XAn Elegie vpon the death / %Xof S%5r%6 Thomas Overbury / %XKni                                          ght. D%5r%6 Corbett.
                                   Hadst thou like other S%5rs%6 & Knights of worth (32 ll.)

noncan         H8.113 ff.100v-101v HE     %XAn Elegie on the death of S%5r%6 John / %XBurrowes slayne in t                                           he Iland of Rez. 1627.
                                   Oh wound vs not with this sad tale! forbeare (78 ll.; mss. ends before 
                                   end of poem)