First-Line Index to VA2

First-Line Index to VA2

Cat. no. 18, ms. 25.F17, Victoria and Albert Museum, Dyce Collection (The Nedham ms.)

Compiled May 2010

with assistance from
Kelley Bradley, Dayoung Chung and M. Farrington

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %+ = preceding letter is a large cap.  The brackets »…« indicate material inserted in a second hand. All other codes used are definied in the Donne Variorum Markup Tags list.

This index last corrected 6-7-12.

Sat1 VA2.1 ff. 5r-6r HE %XSatyre 1.
A way thou changelinge motelye humoriste
Sat2 VA2.2 ff.6v-7v HE %XSatyra secunda.
S%5r%6 though (I thanke god for it) I doe hate
Sat3 VA2.3 ff. 8r-9r HE %XSatyra tertia.
Kinde pitty choakes my spleene, braue scorne forbids
Sat4 VA2.4 ff. 9v-12r HE %XSatyra quarta.
Well I may now receiue, and die; my sinne
Sat5 VA2.5 ff. 12v-13v HE %X%1Satyra quinta%2.
Thou shalt not laugh in this leafe Muse nor they
Lit VA2.6 ff. 14-16v HE %XTHE LETANIE.
Father of heauen! and him by whom
Storm VA2.7 ff.16v-17r HE %XThe Storme.
Thou which art I (’tis nothinge to be soe)
Calm VA2.8 ff.17v-18r HE %X%1THE CALME%2
Our storme is past and that stormes tyrannouse rage
ElBrac VA2.9 ff.18v-19v HE  %XEleg: 1.%5ma%6 The Bracelett
Not that in colour it was like thy hayre
ElComp VA2.10 ff. 19v-20r HE %XElegia secunda. El. 2%5ia%6
As the sweet swet of roses in a still,
ElPerf VA2.11 ff. 20v-21r HE %XElegia tertia.
Once and but once found in thy company
ElJeal VA2.12 ff. 21r-21v HE %XElegia quarta.
Fond woman that wouldst haue thy husband dye
ElServe VA2.13 ff.21v-22r HE %XElegia quinta.
Oh let not me serue so as those men serue
ElNat VA2.14 ff. 22r-v HE %XElegia sexta.
Natures lay ideote I taught thee to loue
ElWar VA2.15 ff.22v-23r HE %XElegia septima.
Till I haue peace with thee warre other men
ElBed VA2.16 ff.23r-23v HE %XElegia octaua.
Come Maddame come all rest my powers defie
ElChange VA2.17 ff.24r HE %XElegia nona.
Although thy hand and fayth and good workes too
ElAnag VA2.18 ff.24r-25r HE %XElegia decima.
Marry and loue thy Flauia, for shee
ELFatal VA2.19 ff. 25v-25r HE %XElegia vndecima.
By our first strange and fatall enterveiwe,
ElPict VA2.20 ff.25v HE %XElegia duodecima.
Here take my picture; though I bid farewell
Sorrow VA2.21 f.26r HE Elegia decima tertia.
Sorrowe who to this herse scarce knew the way
ValMourn VA2.22 f. 26v HE %XTo his Loue vpon his departare fro%M hir
As vertuose men passe mildly a way,
Relic VA2.23 ff. 26v-27r HE %XThe Relique.
When my graue is broke vp againe
Curse VA2.24 f. 27r-v HE %XThe Curse.
Who euer guesses, thinks, or dreames he knowes
Blos VA2.25 ff. 27v-28 HE %XThe Blossome.
Little thinkst thou poore flower
ElProg VA2.26 ff.28r-29r HE %XAn Elegie on Loues Progresse.
Who euer loues if he do not propose
LovInf VA2.27 f. 29r-v HE om
If yet I haue not all thy loue
Broken VA2.28 ff. 29v-30 HE om
He is starke mad, who euer sayes
Under VA2.29 f. 30r-v HE om
I haue done one brauer thinge
Expir VA2.30 f. 30v HE om
So, so, breake of this last lamentinge kisse,
Damp VA2.31 ff. 30v-31r HE om
When I am dead and Doctors knowe not why,
Mess VA2.32 f. 31r HE om
Send home my longe strayd eyes to me
Appar VA2.33 f. 31r-v HE om
When by thy scorne o Murdresse I am dead
SSweet VA2.34 f. 31v HE om
Sweetest loue I do not goe
Break VA2.35 ff. 31v-32 HE om
Tis true tis day what though it bee?
SelfL VA2.36 f. 32 HE om
Hee y%5t%6 cannot, choose but loue
Fever VA2.37 f. 32r-v HE om
Oh do not dy! for I shall hate
SGo VA2.38 ff. 32v-33 HE om
Goe & catch a falling starre
Canon VA2.39 f. 33r-v HE om
For Gods sake hold y%5r%6 tongue, & let me loue
Twick VA2.40 ff. 33v-34 HE om
%X1/ Blasted w%5th%6 sighs & surrounded with cares
[nc] VA2.41 ff.34r-v HE om
Deare loue continue nice & chast
LovGrow VA2.42 f. 34v HE om
I scarce belieue my loue to be so pure
Image VA2.43 ff. 34v-35 HE om
Image of her whom I loue more then shee
Anniv VA2.44 f. 35r-v HE om
All Kings & all their favourites
Ind VA2.45 f. 35v HE om
I can loue both fair & browne
Bait VA2.46 ff. 35v-36 HE om
Come liue with mee & bee my loue
Will VA2.47 f. 36r-v HE om
Before I sigh my last gaspe let mee breath
ValWeep VA2.48 ff. 36v-37 HE om
Let mee powre forthe
Commun VA2.49 f. 37r HE om
Good we must loue & must hate ill
LovExch VA2.50 f. 37r-v HE om
Loue any Devill else but thou
EpEliz VA2.51 ff.37v-39r HE An Epithalamion  on y%5e%6 Lady Eliz. & Count Palat:
Haile Bishop Valentine, whose day this is
Ecst VA2.52 ff. 39r-40v HE %XExtasie
Where like a pillow on a bed
Witch VA2.53 f. 40 HE om
I fixe mine eye on thine & there
ElAut VA2.54 f.40r-v HE om
No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
LovAlch VA2.55 ff. 40v-41 HE %X%1Mummie%2
Some y%5t%6 haue deeper digg’d loues mines y%5n%6 I
ValName VA2.56 ff. 41-42 HE om
My name engrav’%Ye%Zn[sic] herein
SunRis VA2.57 f. 42 HE om
Busy old foole unruly Sun
LovDeity VA2.58 f. 42v HE om
I long to talke with some old Louers ghost
Lect VA2.59 ff. 42v-43 HE om
Stand still & I will read to thee
Air VA2.60 f. 43r-v HE %XAyre & Angels.
Twice or thrise had I lou’d thee
Triple VA2.61 f. 43v HE om
I am two fooles I know
ValBook VA2.62 ff. 43v-44v HE %XA valediction of a book left in a window
I’le tell thee now Deare loue! what thou shalt doe
RWThird VA2.63 ff. 44v-45 HE %X%1A Letter.%2
Like one who in her third widowhood doth profess
HWNews VA2.64 ff. 45r-v HE %X%1Another Letter.%2
Here is no more news then vertue. I may as well
[nc] VA2.65 ff. 45v-46v HE %Xelegia
Is death so greate a gamster that he throwes
ConfL VA2.66 f. 46v HE om
Some man vnworthy to be possessor
HWKiss VA2.67 ff. 46v-47v HE %XTo S%5r%6 Henry Wooton.
S%5r%6! more then kisses letters mingle soules
GoodM VA2.68 ff. 47v-48 HE om
I wonder by my troth what you and I
Prohib VA2.69 f. 48 HE om
Take heed of louinge me
Mark VA2.70 f. 48r HE %XAn Elegie on the Lady Markham.
Man is the world and death the Ocean
HarLett VA2.71 f. 48r HE %XTo the Countesse/ of Bedford.
I haue learnt by those lawes in which /I am not a little conuersant,
Har VA2.72 ff. 49v-52v HE Obsequies of the L. Harrington.
Faire soule!  which wast not only as all soules be
Cross VA2.73 ff. 52v-53 HE %XThe Crosse.
Since Christ embracd the Crosse it selfe, dare I
ElVar VA2.74 ff. 53-54 HE %XElegia decima 7%5a%6.
The Heauens reioyce in motion why should I
Sappho VA2.75 f.54v HE %XEleg: 18%5th%6.
Where is that hot fyre which verse is sayd
[nc] VA2.76 f. 56r-62v HE %XD%5r%6 Corbett his relation of his journey/ Northwarde from Oxforde.
Foure Clerkes of Oxford, Doctors two, and two
[nc] VA2.77 f.62v HE %Xmistris Malletts Character.
A femall which hath beene longe suspected for a woman
[nc] VA2.78 f. 63r-63v HE %XA letter from D%5r%6 Corbett to m.%5r%6 Ailesburie.
My Brother and much more hadst thou beene mine
[nc] VA2.79 f. 63v-65r HE %Xthe Countrey Life. D%5r%6 Corbett.
Thrice and aboue blest (my souls halfe!) are thou