First-Line Index to NY1

First-Line Index to NY1

Arents Collection,
Cat. No. S 191, New York Public Library (The John Cave ms.)

Compiled June 30, 1994, by Katie Hannah

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (noncan = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line; any subscriptions (SS.) follow first lines. %X = element centered on the page.

Additional information:
Paginated somewhat erratically in page corners by scribe; see notes below.

Before poems & pagination:
i.  scribbling
ii.  blank
iii.  with signatures of T.R. O’Flahertie, C. Elkin Mathews, Richard Iennings.

(3 diff. hands)

iv.  blank
v.  verse by

Io. Ca. (dated Jun. 3. 1620): Vpon Mr Donn’s Satires. / oh howit ioys
mee that this quickbraind Age

vi.  blank
vii.  title page for FIVE

BY MR IOHN DONNE with Latin inscription and IOHN CAVE & Greek inscription

viii.  blank

Sat1       NY1.1  pp. 1-4       HE     %XSatire i.
                                Away thou changlinge motlye humoriste [SS. Finis Primae%L Satyrae%L / 
                                I. Donne]
Sat2       NY1.2  pp. 5-8       HE     %XSatire 2
                                Sr though (I thanke God for it) I doe hate [SS. Finis Secundae%L Satyrae%L 
                                / Io: Donn.|]
Sat3       NY1.3  pp. 9-12      HE     %XSatire 3
                                Kind pittie choakes my spleen, braue scorne forbids [SS. Finis tertiae%L 
                                Satirae%L / Io. Donn]
Sat4       NY1.4  pp. 13-20     HE     %XSatire 4th
                                Well I may now receiue and die my sinn [SS. Finis Quartae%L Satyrae%L / 
                                Io. Donn.]
Sat5       NY1.5  pp. 21-24     HE     %XSatire 5
                                Thou shalte not laugh in this leafe Muse nor they [SS. Finis Quintae%L et 
                                ultimae%L Satyrae%L / IOHN DONNE]
Lit        NY1.6  pp. 25-37     HE     %XTHE LETANIE
                                [1] / Father of Heauen and him by whome [SS. Finis The Letanie Io. 
Storm      NY1.7  pp. 38-40     HE     %XTHE STORME / %XTo Sr Basill Brooke.
                                Thou wch arte I ('tis nothing to be soe) [SS. Finis The Storme Io: Donn.]
Calm       NY1.8  pp. 41-42     HE     %XTHE CALME
                                Our storme is past & that stormes tyrannouse rage [SS. Finis The Calme 
                                Io: Donn.]
[      ]                        Title page: ELEGIES AND EPIGRAMMES BY MR IOHN DONNE; pagination resumes 
                                with ElBrac. Table of contents on verso
ElBrac     NY1.9  pp. 1-5       HE     %XEligie ima The Bracelett.
                                Not that in colour it was like thy haire, [SS. finis Eleg. i. Io. Donn.]
ElComp     NY1.10 pp. 5-7       HE     %XEligia. 2da
                                As the sweet sweate of roses in a still, [SS. Finis Eleg. 2ae. Io. Donn]
ElPerf     NY1.11 pp. 7-10      HE     %XElegia 3ia
                                Once and but once found in thy companie [SS. Finis Eleg. 3iae%L. Io.  
[      ]           p. 10        [Here scribe begins to number poems in Roman numerals on same line as 
                                heading; in right margin of LH pp., left margin of RH pp.]
ElJeal     NY1.12 pp. 10-11     HE     IIIIth %XElegia 4th 
                                ffond woman wch would'st haue thy husband dye [SS. Finis Eleg. 4th Io:  
ElServe    NY1.13 pp. 11-13     HE     %XElegia 5ta Vth
                                Oh lett not me serue so, as those men serue [SS. Finis Eleg. 5tae%L Io:  
ElNat      NY1.14 pp. 13-14     HE     %XElegia. 6ta. [no Roman numeral in margin]
                                Natures lay ideott I taught thee to loue [SS. Finis Eleg. 6tae%L Io:  
ElWar      NY1.15 pp. 14-16     HE     VIIth %XElegia. 7ma
                                Till I haue peace wth thee, warr other men [SS. Finis Eleg. 7mae%L.  
                                Io. Donn.]
ElBed      NY1.16 pp. 16-18     HE     VIIIth %XElegia 8ua
                                Come Madame come all rest my powres defie [SS. Finis eleg. 8uae%L Io:   
ElChange   NY1.17 pp. 18-19     HE     IXth %XElegia. 9ua
                                Although thy hand & faith and good works too [SS. Finis Eleg. 9uae%L Io:   
ElAnag     NY1.18 pp. 20-21     HE     Xth %XElegia 10ma
                                Ma%Arry a%And loue thy Flauia, soe shee [SS. Finis eleg. 10mae%L Io:   
ElFatal    NY1.19 pp. 22-24     HE     XIth %XElegia. 11ma                                     
                                By our first strang and fatall interveiwe [SS. Finis eleg. 11mae%L Io:   
Elpict     NY1.20  p. 24        HE     XIIth %XElegia .12ma
                                Heer take my picture; though I bid farwell [SS. Finis Eleg. 12mae%L Io.   
Sorrow     NY1.21  p. 25        HE     %XElegia. 13ia XIIIth
                                Sorrowe who to this herse, scarse knew the way [Finis Eleg. 13iae%L Io:   
[      ]           p. 26        Title page: Miscellanea Poems Elegies Sonnetts by the same Author [new   
                                scribe begins here]
ValMourn   NY1.22 pp. 27-28     HE     I. %XTo his loue vpon his departure fro%M / her.|. [Roman numerals   
                                As vertuouse men passe mildly away, [SS. Finis Io: Donn.]
Relic      NY1.23 pp. 29-30     HE     %XThe Relique. II.
                                When my Graue is broke vp againe [SS. Finis The Relique Io Donn.]
Curse      NY1.24 pp. 31-32     HE     %XThe Curse. III
                                Who euer guesses, thinkes, or dreames he knowes [SS. Finis The Curse Io.   
Blos       NY1.25 pp. 33-34     HE     %XThe Blossome. IIII
                                Little think'st thou poore flowre, [SS. Finis The Blossome Io: Donn:]
ElProg     NY1.26 pp. 35-38     HE     %XAn Elegie on Loues Progresse V [return to original scribe]
                                Who euer loues if he doe not propose [SS. Finis Loues Progresse / Io:   
LovInf     NY1.26 pp. 39-40     HE     %XVI. [scribe 2]
                                If yet I haue not all thy loue, [SS. Finis I. Donn.]
Broken     NY1.27 pp. 40-41     HE     %XVII
                                He is stark mad, who euer says [SS. Finis Io Donn.]
Under      NY1.28 pp. 42-43     HE     %XVIII
                                I haue done one brauer thing [SS. Finis Io. Donn.]
Expir      NY1.29  p. 43        HE     %XIX
                                So, so; breake off this last lamenting kiss, [SS. Finis Io Donn]
Damp       NY1.30  p. 44        HE     %XX
                                When I am deade, and Docters know not why; [Finis Io. Donn.]
Mess       NY1.31  p. 45        HE     %XXI
                                Send home my long stray'd eies to mee [Finis Io. Donn]
Appar      NY1.32  p. 46        HE     %XXII
                                When by thy scorne o Murdresse I am dead [Finis Io: Donn.]
SSweet     NY1.33 pp. 46-47     HE     %XXIII
                                Sweetest loue I doe not goe for weariness of thee [SS. Finis]
Break      NY1.34  p. 48        HE     %XXIIII
                                Tis trew, tis day wt though it be? [SS. Finis Io. Donn]
SelfL      NY1.35  p. 49        HE     %XXV
                                Hee that cannot choose but loue [SS. Io. Donn.]
Fever      NY1.36  p. 50        HE     %XXVI
                                Oh doe not die! For I shall hate [SS. Finis I. Donn.]
SGo        NY1.37  p. 51        HE     %XXVII
                                Goe and catch a falling starr [SS. Finis Iohn. Donn.]
Canon      NY1.38 pp. 52-53     HE     %XXVIII
                                For Gods sake hold yr toung and let me loue [SS. Finis. Io. Donn.|.]
Twick      NY1.39 pp. 54-55     HE     %XXIX
                                Blasted with sighs and surrounded with cares [SS. Finis Io Donn]
noncan     NY1.40 pp. 55-56     HE     %XXX
                                Deare Loue continew nice and chaste (34 ll.) [SS.Finis Io. Donn]
LovGrow    NY1.41  p. 57        HE     %XXXI
                                I scarce beleiue my loue to be so pure [SS. Finis Io. Donn.]
Image      NY1.42  p. 58        HE     %XXXII
                                Image of her whome I loue more then shee [SS. Finis Io Donn]
Anniv      NY1.43  p. 59        HE     %XXXIII
                                All kings and all there fauourites [SS. Finis Io. Donn]
Ind        NY1.44  p. 60        HE     %XXXIIII
                                I can loue both fayre and browne [SS. Finis Io. Donn.]
Bait       NY1.45  p. 61        HE     %XXXV
                                Come liue wth me and be my loue [SS. Finis Io. Donn]
Will       NY1.46 pp. 62-63     HE     XXVI %Xlast will and Testament
                                Before I sigh my last gaspe lett me breath [SS. Finis The Will Ioh Donn]
ValWeep    NY1.47  p. 64        HE     %XXXVII
                                Let me powr forth [SS. Finis Io Donn]
Commun     NY1.48  p. 65        HE     %XXXVIII
                                Good we must loue and >must< hate ill [SS. Finis Io Donn]
LovExch    NY1.49 pp. 66-67     HE     %XXXIX
                                Loue any Deuill else but thou [SS. Finis Io Donne]
EpEliz     NY1.50 pp. 67-71     HE     %XAn Epithalamion On the Ladye Elizab: & Count Palats XXX
                                Hayle Bishope Valentine whose day this is [SS. Finis The Epithalamion   
                                Io. Donn.|]
Ecst       NY1.51 pp. 72-73     HE     XXXI %XThe Extasye
                                Where like a pillow on a bed [SS. Finis The Extasye Io. Donn.]
Witch      NY1.52  p. 73        HE     %XPicture XXXII
                                I fixe myne eye on thine and there [SS. Finis The Picture Ioh Donn]
ElAut      NY1.53 pp. 74-75     HE     XXXIII %XElegie Autumnall.
                                Noe spring nor summer beutie hath such grace [SS. Finis ELegie Autumnall   
                                Io. Donn]
LovAlch    NY1.54  p. 76        HE     XXXIIII %XMummie
                                Some yt haue deeper digg'd loues mines yn I [SS. Finis Mummye Io. Donn]
ValName    NY1.55 pp. 77-79     HE     %XA Valediction of my name engrauen XXXV
                                My name engrau'd herin [SS. Finis The Valediction Io Donn.]
SunRis     NY1.56 pp. 80-81     HE     XXXVI %XAd Solem
                                Busie old foole vnruly sunn [SS. Finis Io. Donn] (page numbering   
                                becomes sporadic)
LovDeity   NY1.57 pp. 81-82     HE     %XLoues Dietye XXXVII
                                I longe to talke wth some old louers Ghoste [SS. Finis Loues Dietie   
                                Io. Donn.]
Lect       NY1.58 pp. 82-83     HE     XXXVIII %XLoues Phylosophie
                                Stand still aand I will reade to thee [SS. Finis Io Donn.]
Air        NY1.59 pp. 83-84     HE     %XAyre and Angells. XXXIX
                                Twice or thrice had I lou'd thee [SS. Finis Io. Donn.|]
Triple     NY1.60 pp. 84-85     HE     XL
                                I am two fooles I know [SS. Finis Io. Donn.]
ValBook    NY1.61 pp. 85-87     HE     %XA Valediction of a book left in a windowe XLI
                                Ile tell thee now Deare loue! what yu shalt doe [SS. Finis Valediction   
                                Io. Donn.]
RWThird    NY1.62 pp. 88-89     HE     XLII %XA Letter.
                                Like one who in her third widowhood doth profess [SS. Finis Io. Donn]
HWNews     NY1.63 pp. 89-90     HE     %XAnother Letter XLIII
                                Here is noe more news then Vertue I may as well, [SS. Io. Donn.]
ConfL      NY1.64 pp. 90-91     HE     %XXLIIII
                                Some Man vnworthy to be possessor [SS. Finis Io Donn]
HWKiss     NY1.65 pp. 91-93     HE     %XTo Sr Henry Wooton XLV
                                Sr more then kisses letters mingle souls [SS. Finis Io Donn]
GoodM      NY1.66  p. 94        HE     %XXLVI
                                I wonder by my troth wt yu and I [SS. FInis Io. Donn]
Prohib     NY1.67  p. 95        HE     %XXLVII
                                Take heed of louing me [SS. Finis Io Donn.|.]
Mark       NY1.68 pp. 96-97     HE     XLVIII %XAn Elegie on ye Ladie Markham
                                Man is the World and Death the Ocean [SS. Finis Io Donn.|.]
HarLtr     NY1.69  p. 98        HE     %XTo the Countesse / %Xof Bedford
                                Madame / I haue learn't by those lawes in wch I am not a little 
                                [SS. Yr Lashipps humble / deuoted / & thankfull seruant I. Donn
Har        NY1.70 pp. 99-107    HE     %XObsequies of the L. Harrington XLIX
                                Faire Soule! wch wast not only as all souls bee [SS. Finis Io Donn.|.]
Cross      NY1.71 pp. 108-10    HE     L %XThe Crosse
                                Since Christ embracd ye Crosse itself dare I [SS. Finis The Crosse   
                                Io Donn]
ElVar      NY1.72 pp. 110-12    HE     LI %XElegia. 17ma [scribe 1]
                                The heauens reioyce in motion why should I [SS. ffinis Eleg. 17th Ioh   
Sappho     NY1.73 pp. 113-14    HE     %XEleg. 18th LII
                                Where is yt hott fire wch verse is sayd [SS. ffinis Eleg. 18th5. Io   
[     ]            p. 114       HE     LIII %XElegi 19th
                                poem not included after title; pp. skipped?; 2nd ms. [?] picks up with   
                                poems by Corbett et al. in various hands
noncan     NY1.74  p. 120       HE     %XVpon Dr Corbetts lettr to ye Marquess Buckingham. A censure.   
                                [scribe 2]
                                Fates on his Deanery? false nay more Ile lay (56 ll.) [SS. I.C.]
noncan     NY1.75 pp. 121-22    HE     %XTo the Lord Marquess Buckingha%M, vpon his Iourny into Spayne
                                I read of Ilands floating and remooud (92 ll.) [SS. Richard Corbett]
noncan     NY1.76  p. 123-25    HE     %XA letter from Dr Corbett / %Xto Mr Ailesburie
                                My Brother and much more hadst thou been myne (56 ll.) [SS. Richard   
noncan     NY1.77 pp. 126-46    HE     %XDr Corbett his relation of / %Xhis iourny Northward from /   
                                Fowre Clerks of Oxford, Doctors two, and two (510 ll.) [SS. Finis   
                                Richard Corbett.|.]
noncan     NY1.78  p. 147       HE     %XMrs Malletts Character
                                A femall which hath been long suspected for a woman (she is so   
                                (prose) [SS. R. Corbett.]
noncan     NY1.79  p. 148       HE     %XUpon Mrs Malletts being in loue wth him
                                Haue I renounst my faith? or basely sold (52 ll.) [SS. Richard   
noncan     NY1.80 pp. 149-52    HE     %XA paradox of a painted face [scribe 3]
                                Not kisse? by heau'n I must & make impression (84 ll.) [SS. Finis   
noncan     NY1.81 pp. 153-57    HE     %XThe Countrie life [scribe 4]
                                Thrice and aboue blesd (My souls halfe!) art thou (92 ll.) [SS.   
                                Catera dessent.]
noncan     NY1.82 pp. 157-58    HE     %XOn the Black Ladie [scribe 5?]
                                If shadows be a pictures excellence (54 ll.) [SS. Finis]
noncan     NY1.83  p. 159       HE     om [scribe 6]
                                Thou once a bodie now but aire (12 ll.) [SS. N:C:]
noncan     NY1.84 pp. 161-62    HE     om [scribe 7]
                                Euen so dead Hector thrise was triumpht on (22 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan     NY1.85 pp. 163-69    HE     om
                                I came from England into france (99 ll.) [SS. om]