First-Line Index to B13

First-Line Index to B13

Add. 25707, British Library (Skipwith ms.)

Compiled July 10, 1994, by Katie Hannah; proofread July 19, 1994

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (noncan = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %X = element centered on the page; “om” = omitted.

Additional information:  both paginated and foliated (but in two different hands); page numbers marked out on rectos; table of contents included on f. 3r-v; contents of ms. entered in several different hands; Donne poems marked by “#” and usually attributed to him by subscription.

This index last corrected June 9, 2003.

noncan      B13.1 f. 4               HE     %XOn Sr Kenelme Digbyes Lady 1633
                                     Fayre broken modell of perfection rest, (18 ll.) [SS. Lord Digby]
noncan      B13.2 f. 4               HE     %XSr Iohn Robins before he kill'd himselfe
                                     What shall I doe that am vndone (16 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.3 f. 4v              HE     %Xon the returne of two faire / %XLadyes out of the Country.|
                                     Great loue had found some rebell crew (34 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.4 ff. 4v-5           HE     om
                                     Come wth our voices lett vs warr (24 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.5 f. 5               HE     om
                                     Fond man that cans't beleeue her bloud (18 ll.) [SS. om]
[     ]           f. 5v              [Pagination begins with page 1]
ElBrac      B13.6 ff. 5v-6v          HE     %XElegia: i
                                     Not yt in Color it was like thy haire [SS. I.D.]
noncan      B13.7 f. 6v              HE     om
                                     Those curious locks so aptly twin'd (12 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.8 f. 7               HE     om
                                     Hark how my Cae%Llia with the choice (18 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.9 f. 7               HE     om
                                     I preethee sweet to mee be kind (10 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.10 f. 7v             HE     %XTwo louers had protested if either dyed ye other / %Xto liue
                                            like a Turtle, 
                                     Hee dyes & his ghost appeares / %Xto her--she speakes--
                                     What art thou? what wouldst thou haue? (27 ll.) [SS. Mr Reynolds.]
noncan      B13.11 f. 7v             HE     om
                                     What is mans life but a play of passion? (8 ll.) [SS. om]
ElComp      B13.12 ff. 8             HE     %XElegya. 2.
                                     As ye sweet sweat of roses in a still [SS. om]
ElPerf      B13.13 ff. 8v-9          HE     %XElegya. 3.
                                     Once & but once found in thy Company [SS. om]
ElJeal      B13.14 ff. 9-10          HE     %XElegya. 4.
                                     Fond woeman wch wouldst haue thy Husband dye []
[     ]            f. 9v             [f. 9v blank]
ElServe     B13.15 f. 10             HE     %XElegya. 5.
                                     Oh let me not serue so, as those men serue [SS. om]
ElNat       B13.16 f. 10v            HE     %XElegya. 6.
                                     Natures Lay Ideot, I taught thee to loue [SS. om]
ElWar       B13.17 ff. 10v-11        HE     %XElegya. 7.
                                     Till I haue peace wth thee, warr other men []
ElBed       B13.18 ff. 11-11v        HE     %XElegya. 8.
                                     Come madame, come, all rest my powers defye [SS. om]
ElChange    B13.19 f. 12             HE     %XElegya. 9.
                                     Allthough thy hand, & fayth, & good works too [SS. om]
ElAnag      B13.20 ff. 12-12v        HE     %XElegya. 10.
                                     Marry and loue thy Flavia, for shee [SS. I.D.]
ElFatal     B13.21 ff. 13-13v        HE     %XElegya. 11.
                                     By our fist strange & fatall interuiew [SS. om]
ElPict      B13.22 f. 13v            HE     %XElegya. 12.
                                     Here take my picture though I bid farewell [SS. om]
BoulRec     B13.23 ff. 14-14v        HE     %XFunerall elegy for Mrs Bolstrid.
                                     Death I recant & say vnsayed by me [SS. I: D:; covered up by 
                                     following poem]
noncan      B13.24 f. 14v            HE     om
                                     Greeue not deere loue although wee often parte (12 ll.) [SS. om]
Broken      B13.25 f. 15             HE     om
                                     He is starke mad who euer says, [SS. I.D.]
Flea        B13.26 f. 15v            HE     om
                                     Marke but this flea, & marke, in this [SS. I.D.]
LovInf      B13.27 f. 16             HE     %XMon tout
                                     If yet I haue not all thy loue [SS. I.D.]
noncan      B13.28 ff. 16v-17        HE     %XPsalme 137.
                                     By Euphrates flowry side (66 ll.) [SS. I.D.]
SSweet      B13.29 f. 17v            HE     om
                                     Sweetest loue, I doe not goe for wearinesse of thee [SS. I.D.]
BedfCab     B13.30 f. 17v            HE     om
                                     Madame. / That I might make yor Cabinet my tombe (ll. 1-6 only) 
                                     [SS. I.D.]
Dream       B13.31 f. 18             HE     om
                                     Deer loue, for nothing less then thee (ll. 1-20 only) [SS. I.D.]
Expir       B13.32 f. 18             HE     om
                                     So so leaue of this last lamentinge kisse [SS. I.D.]
NegLov      B13.33 f. 18v            HE     %XThe nothinge.
                                     I neuer stoopt so low as they [SS. I.D.]
Break       B13.34 f. 18v            HE     %XA songe.
                                     Tis true, tis day what though it be? [SS. I.D.]
noncan      B13.35 f. 18v            HE     om
                                     Lie still my deare, w>%Vh<y dost thou rise? (6-ll., entered in 2nd hand 
                                     and marked with "+" signs for insertion as a 1st stanza for Break.)
ValMourn    B13.36 f. 19             HE     %XValediction agaynst mourninge.
                                     As vertuous men pass mildly away [SS. om.]
Will        B13.37 f. 19v            HE     %XA will.
                                     Before I sighe my last gaspe let me breath [SS. om]
SunRis      B13.38 f. 20             HE     %XAd solem. A songe.
                                     Busy old foole, vnruly sun [SS. I.D.]
LovDiet     B13.39 f. 20v            HE     %XThe Dyet.
                                     To what a cumbersome vnwieldinesse [SS. I.D.]
LovDeity    B13.40 f. 21             HE     %XLoues Deity.
                                     I longe to talke wth some old louers ghost [SS. I.D.]
MHPaper     B13.41 ff. 21v-22        HE     om
                                     Mad paper stay, & grudge not hear to burne [SS. I:D]
noncan      B13.42 f. 22             HE     on a stolne kiss of a faire La: muff in a Church
                                     They who peculiar saints implore (12 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.43 f. 22             HE     om
                                     Come heauy hart whose sighs thy passions show (12 ll.) [SS. om]
ElAut       B13.44 f. 22v            HE     om
                                     No springe nor sum%Mer bewty hath such grace [SS. om]
HG          B13.45 ff. 23-23v        HE     %XTo Sr Henry Goodier.|
                                     who makes ye past his patterne for next yeare [SS. I.D.]
noncan      B13.46 f. 23v            HE     om
                                     Tyrant Cupid I appeale (18 ll.) [SS. om]
Har         B13.47 ff. 24-26v        HE     %XObsequies vpon the Lord / %XHarringeton yt last died.
                                     ffayre soule, wch wast not onely as all soules be
noncan      B13.48 f. 26v            HE     %Xvpon Cae%Llia growne proud
                                     know Cae%Llia since thou arte so proud (18 ll.) [SS. om]
ElProg      B13.49 ff. 27-28         HE     %XElegye of loues progresse
                                     Who euer loues, yf he doe not propose [SS. I.D.]
noncan      B13.50 f. 28             HE     %XTo an inconstant Mris
                                     when first the magick of thy eye (24 ll.) [SS. IK]
Curse       B13.51 f. 28v            HE     %XA Curse.
                                     Who euer Guesses, Thinkes, or Dreams he knowes [SS. I.D.]
Mark        B13.52 ff. 29-29v        HE     %XAn Elegye vpon the death of / %Xthe Ladye Markham.|
                                     Man is the world, and death the Ocean [SS. ID|]
noncan      B13.53 f. 29v            HE     om
                                     Bee not proude cause fayre & trim%M (10 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.54 ff. 30-30v        HE     %XAn Elegye vpon the death of the / %XLadie Markham.|
                                     As vnthrifts greiue in straw for theere paund beds, (70 ll.) [SS. FB]
noncan      B13.55 ff. 31-31v        HE     %XA Letter to the Countesse / %Xof Rutlande.
                                     Madam: Soe maye my verses pleasinge bee, (70 ll.) [SS.FB.|]
Twick       B13.56 f. 32             HE     om
                                     Blasted wth sighs, and surrounded wth teares [SS. ID|]
noncan      B13.57 f. 32             HE     om
                                     Yf each ones fault weare in theare foreheads wrytt (14 ll.) [SS. NH.|.]
GoodM       B13.58 f. 32v            HE     om
                                     I wonder by my troth what thou, and I [SS. ID.|]
noncan      B13.59 f. 32v            HE     om
                                     O frutefull garden, and yet neuer tilde, (16 ll.) [SS. ID.|]
Lect        B13.60 f. 33             HE     om
                                     Stand still, and I will reade to thee [SS. ID.|]
Appar       B13.61 f. 33             HE     %XApparition.|
                                     When by thy scornes O Murtheres I am dead [SS. ID.|]
LovAlch     B13.62 f. 33v            HE     om
                                     Some that haue deeper diggd Loues Myne then I [SS. om]
Leg         B13.63 f. 33v            HE     om
                                     When I died last, (and deare I die [SS. ID.|]
noncan      B13.64 f. 34             HE     %XTo my Lo: of Penbrooke.|
                                     Fye, Fye you sonnes of Pallas what madd rage (30 ll.) [SS. ID]
noncan      B13.65 ff. 34-34v        HE     of a la: in the / black Masque.| [HE in left margin]
                                     Why Chose shee black; was it that in whitenes (26 ll.) [SS. ID.|]
noncan      B13.66 f. 34v            HE     om
                                     Howe happie is hee borne or taught, (24 ll.) [SS. HW:]
EpEliz      B13.67 ff. 35-36         HE     %XEpithalamion at the Mariage of the Princess / %XElyzabeth, 
                                     and the Palzgraue celebrated / %Xon St Valentines daye.|
                                     Hayle Byshop Valentine whose daye this is [SS. ID]
Goodf       B13.68 ff. 36-36v        HE     %XMr I: Dun%M goeinge from Sr HG: on / %Xgood fryday sent him 
                                     back this / %XMeditac%Mon, on the Waye.|
                                     Lett mans soule bee a spheare, and then, in this [SS. ID.|]
Relic       B13.69 ff. 36v-37        HE     om
                                     When my graue is broake vp againe, [SS. ID.|]
noncan      B13.70 f. 37             HE     %Xvpon ye picture of a fayre lady / %Xdrawn vnsuccesfully.
                                     Bould cunnig reach't att Chloris aire (14 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.71 ff. 37v-38        HE     %XEpithalamion, of the Princess / %XMariage by Sr HG:
                                     Which of you Muses please (88 ll.) [SS. Sr HG.|]
Blos        B13.72 f. 38v            HE     om
                                     Little think'st thou poore Flower, [SS. ID|]
AltVic      B13.73 f. 39             HE     %XA Letter written by Sr H:G: / %Xand I:D. alternis vicibus.
                                     Since eu'ry Tree beginns to blossome now [SS. om]
[      ]           f. 39v            [blank]
noncan      B13.74 f. 40             HE     %XAn Elegie on the Death of my neuer enough / %XLamented master 
                                     king Charles the first.
                                     weepe, weepe euen mankinde weepe, soe much is dead (44 ll.) [SS. Henry 
[      ]           f. 40v            [blank]
noncan      B13.75 ff. 41-41v        HE     %XA thankes giueinge after the / %Xrecouery of a burninge feuer.
                                     I burne againe, mee thinkes a holy fire (74 ll.) [SS. finis]
noncan      B13.76 f. 42             HE     om
                                     of loue, & fate dare I complayne (24 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.77 ff. 42-42v        HE     %Xon a harte wch a Gentlewoman / %Xwore on her brest.
                                     when on faire Cae%Lia I did spy (24 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.78 f. 42v            HE     %Xon a faire Ladyes walking / %Xin hide parke.
                                     Sure twas the spring went by, for th' earth did wast (22 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.79 ff. 42v-43        HE     %Xon a powdred hayre.
                                     Say why on her hayre yett stayes (28 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.80 f. 43             HE     %Xson%Mett.
                                     Since thou hast view'd some Gorgon & art grown'e (14 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.81 f. 43v            HE     om
                                     I doe not Wonder Beaumont thou art dead (38 ll.) [SS. G: Lucy]
noncan      B13.82 ff. 44-45         HE     %XOn the death of Mr ffrancis Beamont.|
                                     Vnto thy eurlastinge memorye (134 ll.) [SS. TP.|]
noncan      B13.83 f. 45v            HE     om
                                     Why should I spend a teare? thou art not dead. (28 ll.) [SS. T:G:|]
noncan      B13.84 f. 45v            HE     om
                                     oft when I looke I may descry (6 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.85 f. 46             HE     Petitio.| [HE in left margin]
                                     Looke, and lament behould a face of Earth, (16 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.86 f. 46             HE     Respontio.| [HE in left margin]
                                     It's strange to se a face soe highe in birth, (16 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.87 ff. 46v-47        HE     om
                                     I cannot for my owne loss weepe, as those (78 ll.) [SS. T.G.]
noncan      B13.88 f. 47v            HE     om
                                     Might I a Wife chuse, and haue to my minde (20 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.89 f. 47v            HE     %XA Contry life.
                                     Happy who his life in his owne feilds outwear[??] (6 ll.) [SS. om]
Sat4        B13.90 ff. 48-50         HE     %XMr Dunns first Satire.|
                                     Well I maye now receaue, and die, my synn [SS. ID.|]
Sat1        B13.91 ff. 50v-51v       HE     %XSatire the second.|
                                     Awaye thou Changlinge, Motley humorist, [SS. finis secund: ID.|]
Sat2        B13.92 ff. 51v-52v       HE     %XSatire 3d.|

                                     Sr (though I thank God for it) I doe hate [SS. ID.|]
Sat3        B13.93 ff. 52v-53v       HE     %XSatire the 4th.|
                                     Kinde pittie choakes my spleene; braue scorne forbidds [SS. finis 
                                     Quart. ID.|]
Sat5        B13.94 ff. 54-54v        HE     %XSatire the 5th|
                                     Thou shalt not laugh in this Leafe (Muse) nor they, [SS. Finis.| ID.|]
Storm       B13.95 ff. 55-55v        HE     %XA Storme.|
                                     Thou wch art I '(tis nothinge to bee soe) [SS. Finis.| I:D.|]
Calm        B13.96 ff. 55v-56        HE     %XThe Calme.|
                                     Our Storme is past, & yt stormes tyranous rage [SS. Finis.| ID|]
Sappho      B13.97 ff. 56v-57        HE     om
                                     where is that hot fire wch verse is sayde [SS. I:D:]
Ecst        B13.98 ff. 57-57v        HE     %XThe Extasye.
                                     where like a pillow on a bed [SS. I:D:]
noncan      B13.99 f. 58             HE     %XA good Admonicon%M to yon%Mge Gentwomen / %Xthat Liue'd about 
                                     the Courte|
                                     Beware (faire Maydes) of muskie Courtiers oathes (24 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.100 f. 58            HE     om
                                     Tell mee where the beawty lyes (10 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.101 f. 58v           HE     %Xvpon a faire Ladyes Picture
                                     Behould those faire eyes in whose light (28 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.102 f. 58v           HE     om
                                     Those nimble fancyes that wch artfull hand (14 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.103 ff. 59-59v       HE     om
                                     Thou would'st bee greate, & to such height wouldst rise (76 ll.) [SS. 
noncan      B13.104 f. 59v           HE     %XOn a Gentlewoman that had / %Xthe small Pox.
                                     A Beauty smoother then an Iuory plaine (6 ll.) [SS. om]
HWKiss      B13.105 ff. 60-60v       HE     %XLetters.
                                     Sr more then kisses, letters, mingle soules [SS. I.] [SS. centered, but 
                                     l. 70 drops last word "Dunne.|" to same l. as SS., in right margin]
noncan      B13.106 f. 60v           HE     om
                                     Why should not Pillgryms to thy bodie Come, (26 ll.) [SS. ID]
SGo         B13.107 f. 61            HE     om
                                     Goe, & Catch a%A fallinge starr, [SS. ID.|]
Mess        B13.108 f. 61            HE     om
                                     Send home my longe strayd eyes to mee [SS. ID.|]
Cross       B13.109 ff. 61v-62       HE     %XThe Crosse.|
                                     Since Christe imbrast the Crosse himselfe, dare I [SS. ID.|]
noncan      B13.110 ff. 62-63        HE     %XAn Elegie vpon the death of the vertuouse / %XLady Eliz: 
                                     Countess of Rutland.|
                                     I maye forgett to eate, to drinck, to sleepe (112 ll.) [SS. FB.|]
noncan      B13.111 f. 63            HE     om
                                     For loues' sake kisse mee once againe (12 l.) [SS. om]
noncan      B13.112 ff. 63v-64       HE     %XAn Elegie vpon the death of the Lady Clifton.|
                                     Her tongue hath Ceasd to speake, wch might make dumbe (98 ll.) [SS. 
                                     ffinis.| FB.|]
HarLtr      B13.113 f. 64v           HE     %XTo the Countess of Bedforde.|
                                     Madam.| [left marginal note indicates "This was sent wth ye Elegie of 
                                     the Lorde Harrington.|] [SS. I Dunne.]
noncan      B13.114 f. 64v           HE     om
                                     If my mistresse fixe her Eye (12 ll.) [SS. om]
ElPart      B13.115 f. 65            HE     %XAt hir departure
                                     Since shee muste goe & I muste mourne, come nighte [SS. finis I:D:]
[    ]              ff. 65v-119      105 various noncanonical poems
Prose       B13.222 f. 119           HE     %Xwhy doe puritans make longest sermons.
[    ]              ff. 119v-186     approx. 172 various noncanonical poems & prose items