First-Line Index to WN1

First-Line Index to WN1

Dolaucothi ms. 6748, National Library of Wales

Compiled May 8, 1992, by Ted Sherman

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %X = element centered on the page.

Additional information: Original scribal nos. given here (ms. repaginated from p. 108 in modern hand); orig. p. 177 skipped; scribe reverts to 1st century of numbers at p. 203.

Cor1      WN1.1   p.1       HE      %XDiuine Poemo / %XLa Corona
                            Deigne at my hand this Crowne of prayer and praise
                            [ll. 2 3 6 7 10 11 13 14 ind; 1 in LM opp l. 1]
Cor2      WN1.2   p.1       HE      %XAnnvntiation.
                            Saluation vnto all that will is nigh
                            [2 in LM opp l.1; ll. 2 3 6 7 10 13 14 ind; bot
                          right corner torn]
Cor3      WN1.3   p.2       HE      %XNatiuitie
                            Immensitie cloystred in thy deare wombe
                            [3 in LM opp l. 1; ll. 2 4 6 7 10 11 13 14 ind]
Cor4      WN1.4   p.2       HE      %XFlight . Temple
                            With his kynd mother who partakes thy woe
                            [4 in LM opp l. 1; ll. 2 3 6 7 10 12-14 ind]
Cor5      WN1.5   p.3       HE      %XCrucifying
                            By miracles exceedinge power of man%T
                            [5 in LM opp l. 1; ll. 2 3 6 7 10 11 13 14 ind;
                          missing word between Whose     face in l. 7]
Cor6      WN1.6   p.3       HE      %XResurrection%T
                            Moyst with one drop of thy bloud my dry Soule,
                            [6 in LM opp l. 1; ll. 3 6 7 10 11 13 14 ind; HE
                            %XAssention%T. follows; lower right corner torn; top
                          of A in CW is visible]
Cor7      WN1.7   p.4       HE      %XAssention%T.
                            Salute the last and everlastinge daie
                            [7 in LM opp l. 1; ll. 3 6 7 10 13 14 ind; bot half
                          of page blank except for SS: Finis|]
HSDue     WN1.8   p.5       HE      1
                            As due by manie titels I resigne
                            [HE in LM opp l. 1; ll. 2 3 6 7 10 11 13 14 ind]
HSBlack   WN1.9   p.5       HE      2
                            O my blacke Soule now thou art summoned
                            [HE in LM opp l. 1; ll. 2 3 6 7 10 12 ind]
HSScene   WN1.10  p.6       HE      3
                            This is my plaies last Scene here Heauens apointe
                            [HE in LM opp l. 1; ll. 2 3 6 7 10 12 ind]
HSRound   WN1.11  p.6       HE      4
                            At ye round earths imagined corners blowe
                            [HE in LM opp l. 1; ll. 2 3 6 7 10 12 ind]
HSMin     WN1.12  p.7       HE      5
                            If poisonus Mineralls, And if that tree
                            [HE in LM opp l. 1; even lines ind]
HSDeath   WN1.13  p.7       HE      6
                            Death bee not proud, though som%Te haue cald thee
                            [HE in LM opp l. 1; even lines ind; lower right
                          corner torn; the y in  dy l. 14 is partially
                          missing due to damage]
HSSpit    WN1.14  p.8       HE      7
                            Spitt in my face yee Iewes and peirce my side
                            [HE in LM opp l. 1; even lines ind]
HSWhy     WN1.15  p.8       HE      8
                            Why are wee by all creatures waited on?
                            [HE in LM opp l. 1; even lines ind]
Sal       WN1.16  pp.9-11   HE      %XTo the Countesse of S.
                            Faire, Great, and Good, since seeing yow wee see
                            [even lines ind]
Carey     WN1.17  pp.12-15  HE      %XTo the La: C. of C. / %Xfrom France
                            Madam / Here where by all, all Saincts Adored are
                            [no ind; written in tercets; stanzas separated by
                          blank line; bottom 3/4 of p.15 blank]
Sappho    WN1.18  pp.16-18  HE      %XSapho to Philae%Lnis
                            Where is that holy fire which verse is said
                            [even lines ind]
Image     WN1.19  pp.18-19  HE      %XElegie.
                            Image of her whome I loue, more then shee,
                            [even lines ind]
ElAut     WN1.20  pp.19-21  HE      %XElegie / %XThe Autumnall.
                            Noe Springe nor Summer beautie, hath such grace
                            [even lines ind]
ElAnag    WN1.21  pp.21-23  HE      %XElegie
                            Marry and loue thy Flauia, for shee  [no ind]
ElJeal    WN1.22  pp.23-24  HE      %XElegie
                            Fond woman which wouldst haue thy hvsband die  [no ind]
ElChange  WN1.23  pp.24-25  HE      %XElegie.
                            Although thy hand, and faith, and good works too  [no ind]
ElFatal   WN1.24  pp.25-27  HE      %XElegie
                            By our first strange and fatall interuiewe,  [no ind]
ElNat     WN1.25  pp.27-28  HE      %XElegie
                            Natures lay Ideott I taught thee to loue  [no ind]
ElPerf    WN1.26  pp.28-31  HE      %XElegie
                            Once and but once fownd in thy companie  [no ind]
ElPict    WN1.27  p.31      HE      %XElegie.
                            Heere take my Picture, though I bid farwell  [no ind]
ElBrac    WN1.28  pp.32-35  HE      %XElegie.
                            Not that in colour it seemd like thy haire,
                            [even lines ind]
ElServe   WN1.29  pp.35-37  HE      %XElegie
                            O let not mee serue soe as those men serue  [no ind]
ElWar     WN1.30  pp.37-38  HE      %XElegie.
                            Till I haue peace with thee, warr other men.  [no ind]
Storm     WN1.31  pp.38-41  HE      %XThe Storm sent from %#%#%#in the /
                                    %XIland Voyage To M: C: B:
                            Thou which art I (tis nothinge to bee soe) [no ind]
Calm      WN1.32  pp.41-42  HE      %XThe Calme in the / %Xsame Voyage
                            Our storme is past and that stormes tyrannous rage
                            [no ind]
Hero      WN1.33  p.43      HE      %XEpigrams / %XHero and Leander.
                            Both robd of aire wee both lie in one grownd,
Pyr       WN1.34  p.43      HE      %XPiramis And Thisbe.
                            Two by themselues, each other, loue, and feare
Niobe     WN1.35  p.43      HE      %XNiobe.
                            By childrens birth, and death, I am become
Ship      WN1.36  p.43      HE      %XA Burnt Ship
                            Out of a fired Ship, which by noe waie  [no ind]
Wall      WN1.37  p.43      HE      %XFall of a Wall
                            Vnder an vndermind, and shott bruisd wall  [no ind]
Beggar    WN1.38  p.43      HE      %XA Lame Begger.|
                            I am vnable, yonder begger cryes
SelfAc    WN1.39  p.43      HE      %XA selfe Accuser.|
                            Your Mistrisse that yow follow whores still taxeth yow
Licent    WN1.40  p.44      HE      %XA Licentious Person.
                            Thy sinns, and haires may no man equall call
Antiq     WN1.41  p.44      HE      %XAntiquarye
                            If in his studdie hee haue soe much care
Disinher  WN1.42  p.44      HE      %XDisinherited
                            Thy father all from thee by his last will
Merc      WN1.43  p.44      HE      %XMercurius. Gallo-Belgicus
                            Like Esops fellowe=slaues O Mercury,  [no ind]
Phrine    WN1.44  p.44      HE      %XPhrine
                            Thy flattering picture Phrine, is like thee
Philo     WN1.45  p.44      HE      %XAn Obscure Writer
                            Philo with twelue yeares studie hath been griued
Klock     WN1.46  p.44      HE      Omitted
                            Klockius. so deeply hath sworne, nere more to come
Martial   WN1.47  p.45      HE      %XRaderus.
                            Why this Man gelded Martiall I mvse  [no ind]
Ralph     WN1.48  p.45      HE      Omitted
                            Compassion in the world againe is bred,
Noct      WN1.49  pp.45-46  HE      %XA Nocturnall Vppon St Lucies /
                                    %Xday beinge the shortest daye.
                            Tis the yeares midnight, and it is the daies;
                            [ll. 3-5 each 9-line stanza ind; 3 & 4 short, 5
                          long; stanzas 2 & 3 and 4 & 5 not separated]
Dissol    WN1.50  p.47      HE      %XThe Dissolution%T.|
                            Shees dead: and all which die
                            [unpatterned ind]
Ecst      WN1.51  pp.47-50  HE      %XThe Extasie.|
                            Where like a pillowe on a bed
                            [even lines ind; written in quatrains]
Under     WN1.52  pp.51-52  HE      %XPlatonique Loue
                            I haue done one brauer thinge
                            [even lines ind; written in quatrains]
LovDeity  WN1.53  pp.52-53  HE      %XLoues Deitie.
                            I longe to talke with some old Louers Gost
                            [even lines ind; wr. in 7-line stanzas]
LovDiet   WN1.54  pp.53-54  HE      %XThe Diet.
                            To what a cumbersome vnwildines,
                            [ll. 3 4 each stz ind; wr. in 6-line stanzas]
Will      WN1.55  pp.54-56  HE      %XThe Will:
                            Before I sigh my last gaspe, lett mee breath
                            [ll. 6-8 each stz ind; 6 7 short, 8 long; wr. in 9-
                          line stanzas]
Fun       WN1.56  pp.56-57  HE      %XThe Funerall
                            Who ever comes to shrowde mee, doe not harme
                            [ll. 2 5 7 each stz ind; wr. in 8-line stanzas]
Appar     WN1.57  p.57      HE      %XThe Apparition.
                            When by thy scorne O murdresse I am dead,
                            [ll. 2 9 13 ind]
Witch     WN1.58  p.58      HE      %XWitchcraft by a Picture
                            I fix myne eye on thine, and there
                            [ll. 2 4 5 long indent & 6 short ind st. 1; even
                          lines short ind & l. 5 long ind st. 2]
Broken    WN1.59  pp.58-59  HE      %XThe Broken Harte.
                            Hee is stark mad who euer saies
                            [no ind; 8-line stanzas]
Lect      WN1.60  p.60      HE      %XLecture vppon Shadowe.|
                            Stand still and I will reade to thee
                            [ll. 3 5 7 9 11 13 st. 1 ind; 5 7 9 11 st. 2 ind]
Break     WN1.61  p.61      HE      %XBreake of Daie
                            Tis true tis day, what though it bee?
                            [no ind; 6-line stanzas]
GoodM     WN1.62  p.62      HE      %XThe Good Morrowe.
                            I wonder by my troth, what thou and I,
                            [no ind; 7-line stanzas]
Jet       WN1.63  p.63      HE      %XA Ieat Ringe.
                            Thou art not soe blacke as my hart,
                            [l. 3 in stz. 1 & 3 hanging ind 4sp; l. 3 stz. 2
                          ind; wr. in quatrains]
Triple    WN1.64  pp. 63-64 HE      %XThe Triple Foole.|
                            I am two fooles I knowe
                            [ll. 3 5 8 12 14 16 19 ind]
LovInf    WN1.65  pp. 64-65 HE      %XA Louers Infinitenes.|
                            If yet I haue not all thy loue,
                            [l. 11 each stz ind; wr. in 11-line stanzas]
LovExch   WN1.66  pp.66-67  HE      %XLoues Exchange.
                            Loue any Deuill els but yow,
                            [no ind; wr. in 7-line stanzas]
LovUsury  WN1.67  pp.67-68  HE      %XLoues Vsurye.
                            For every howre that thou wilt spare mee now
                            [ll. 2 & 8 each stz. ind; wr. in 8-line stanzas]
SunRis    WN1.68  pp. 68-69 HE      %XSun=Risinge.
                            Busie old foole, vnruly sun,
                            [wr. in 10-line stanzas; st. 1 ll. 2 5 6 ind; st. 2
                          ll. 1 2 5-8 ind; st. 3 ll. 2 5 6 long ind, l. 1 short ind]
WomCon    WN1.69  p.70      HE      %XWomans Constancie
                            Now thou hast loud mee one whole daye,
                            [ll. 4 11 long ind; ll. 15 16 short ind]
Fever     WN1.70  pp.70-71  HE      %XFeuer.|
                            Oh doe not dye, for I shall hate
                            [even lines ind; wr. in quatrains]
Ind       WN1.71  p.72      HE      %XThe Indifferent
                            I can loue both faire and browne;
                            [no ind; wr. in 9-line stanzas]
ValName   WN1.72  pp.73-75  HE      %XValediction of my Name / %Xin the Windowe.|
                            My name engraud herein
                            [ll. 1 3 4 6 each st. ind; 6-line stanzas; bottom
                          fourth of p.75 blank except for SS: Finis.| and CW: when]
Leg       WN1.73  p.76      HE      %XThe Legacie
                            When I died last, And deare, I die
                            [no ind; st. 1 6-lines; st. 2 10-lines; st. 3 8-lines]
Curse     WN1.74  pp.77-78  HE      %XThe Curse.
                            Who euer guesses, thinks, or dreames hee knowes
                            [ll. 3 4 each st. ind; 8-line stanzas]
Air       WN1.75  pp.78-79  HE      %XAire and Angells.
                            Twice or thrice had I loued thee,
                            [ll. 1 5 7 9 11 12 19 23 25 short ind, 26 long ind]
LovGrow   WN1.76  pp.79-80  HE      %XLoues Growth.
                            I scarce beleeue my loue to bee soe pure
                            [ll. 2 3 14 16 short ind, 15 long ind]
Canon     WN1.77  pp.80-82  HE      %XThe Canonization.
                            For Gods sake hold your tounge, and let mee loue
                            [ll. 2 4-6 8 9 ind each st.; 9-line stanzas]
LovAlch   WN1.78  pp.82-83  HE      %XLoues Alchimis
                            Some that haue deeper digd loues myne then I
                            [ll. 3 6 9 ind st. 1; ll. 3 6 8 9  11 12 ind st.
                          2; 12-line stanzas]
Twick     WN1.79  pp.83-84  HE      %XTwicknam Garden.
                            Blasted with sighes, and sorrounded with teares
                            [ll. 2 3 5 7 9 11 12 14 16 19-21 23 26 27 ind]
Dream     WN1.80  pp.84-85  HE      %XThe Dreame
                            Deare loue for nothing lesse then thee
                            [l. 3 each st. ind; 10-line stanzas]
Flea      WN1.81  pp.85-86  HE      %XThe Flea.
                            Marke but this Flea, and marke in this
                            [ll. 1 3 5 7 each st. end; 9-line stanzas]
Expir     WN1.82  pp.86-87  HE      %XThe Expiration.
                            So so breake of this last lamentinge kisse
                            [even lines ind]
Compu     WN1.83  p.87      HE      %XThe Computation
                            For the first twentie yeeres, since yesterdaie
                            [l. 7 omitted; ll. 2 4 6 8 ind]
Prohib    WN1.84  pp.87-88  HE      %XThe Prohibition
                            Take heed of lovinge mee;
                            [l. 1 each stanza ind; 8-line stanzas]
Anniv     WN1.85  pp.88-89  HE      %XThe Anniversary.
                            All kings, and all their fauorites
                            [ll. 1 2 7 each st. ind; 10-line stanzas]
Prim      WN1.86  pp.89-90  HE      %XThe Primerose.
                            Vppon this Primerose hill
                            [ll. 1 2 6 7 each st. ind; 10-line stanzas]
Blos      WN1.87  pp.90-92  HE      %XThe Blossom%Te.|
                            Littell thinkst thou, poore flowre;
                            [ll. 1 2 6 each st. ind; 8-line stanzas]
Damp      WN1.88  pp.92-93  HE      %XThe Dampe
                            When I am dead, and Doctours know not why,
                            [ll. 2 5 6 each st. ind; 8-line stanzas]
Relic     WN1.89  pp.93-94  HE      %XThe Relique
                            When my Graue is broke vp
                            [ll. 1-4 each st. short ind, ll. 5 7 long ind;
                          11-line stanzas]
NegLov    WN1.90  pp.94-95  HE      %XNegatiue Loue.
                            I neuer stoopd soe lowe as they,
                            [ll. 3 4 6 ind; 9-line stanzas]
ValWeep   WN1.91  pp.95-96  HE      %XValediction of Weepinge
                            Lett mee powre forth
                            [ll. 1 5 6 each st. ind; 9-line stanzas]
ValBook   WN1.92  pp.96-98  HE      %XA Valediction of / %Xthe Booke
                            Ile tell thee now, deare loue, what thou shalt doe
                            [ll. 5 6 each st long ind; ll. 7 each st. mid ind;
                          l. 8 each st. short ind; 9-line stanzas]
ValMourn  WN1.93  pp.98-99  HE      %XValediction forbidding / %XMourninge
                            As vertuous men pass mildly awaie
                            [even lines ind; wr. in quatrains]
Mess      WN1.94  p.100     HE      %XSongs which were made to certaine /
                                    %XAires that were made before
                            Send home my long strayd eies to mee,
                            [ll. 4-7 each st. ind; 8-line stanzas]
Bait      WN1.95  p.101     HE      Omitted
                            Come liue with mee, and bee my loue
                            [no ind; wr. in quatrains]
Commun    WN1.96  p.102     HE      Omitted
                            Good wee mvst loue, and mvst hate ill
                            [l. 4 ind st. 1; ll. 3 6 ind st. 2-4]
ConfL     WN1.97  p.103     HE      Omitted
                            Some man vnworthy to bee possessour
                            [no ind; 7-line stanzas]
SSweet    WN1.98  pp.103-04 HE      Omitted
                            Sweetest loue I doe not goe, for weariness of thee,
                            [no ind; 5-line stanzas]
SGo      WN1.99  pp.104-05 HE      Omitted
                            Goe and catch a falling starre,
                            [ll. 4 7 8 st. 1 ind; ll. 2 4 7 8 st. 2 & 3 ind; 9-
                            line stanzas; bottom third of p.105 blank except for
                          SS: %XThe eand of the / %XSonges.]
EpLin     WN1.100 pp.106-08 HE      %XEpithalamie made at Lincolns Inne.
                            The Sun=beames, in the East are spred,
                            [ll. 4 5 8 sts. 1 & 2 ind; l. 9 sts. 3 & 4 ind;
                            missing lines 73-96; pages 109-24 missing
Mark      WN1.101 p.125     HE      Omitted
                            So mvch did zeale her conscience ratifie
                            [ll. 1-44 missing; even lines ind
BoulRec   WN1.102 pp.125-28 HE      %XElegie Mis Bolstrod.
                            Death I recant, and say vnsaid by mee  [even lines ind
Henry     WN1.103 pp.128-30 HE      %XElegie Prince Henry
                            Looke to mee fayth; and looke to my fayth God;
                            [no ind; missing ll. 88-98; pages 131-34 missing
Har       WN1.104 pp.135-39 HE      Omitted
                            In the most large extent, through every path,
                            [no ind; HE and ll. 1-108 missing
GoodF     WN1.105 pp. 140-41 HE      %XGood Fryday / %XMade as I was riding
                                     Westward that daie.
                            Lett Mans Soule bee a Sphere, and then in this  [no ind
Annun     WN1.106 pp.141-43 HE      %XVpon the Annuntiation when Good / Frydaie
                                    fell vppn the same daie.
                            Tamely fraile bodie abstaine to daie; to daie  [no ind
Cross     WN1.107 pp.143-45 HE      %XOf the Crosse
                            Since Christ embracd the Crosse itt selfe, dare I  [no ind
Res       WN1.108 pp.145-46 HE      %XResurrection. Imperfect.
                            Sleep sleep old Svnne, thou canst not haue repast
                            [no ind; SS: Desunt Cae%Ltera in box
TWHail    WN1.109 pp.146-47 HE      %XLetters To. M: I: W:
                            All haile Sweete Poett, more full of more strong fire
                            [ll. 2 3 7 8 each st. ind; 8-line stanzas
TWHarsh   WN1.110 pp.147-48 HE      %XTo M: F: W:
                            Haste thee harsh verse, as fast as thy lame measure
                            [even lines ind
TWPreg    WN1.111 pp.148    HE      %XTo M: F: W:
                            Pregnant againe with the old twyns Hope and Feare
                            [ll. 2 3 each st ind; st. 4 & 8 5-lines, ll. 4 5
                            long ind; other stanzas triplets
TWHence   WN1.112 p.148-49  HE      [om]
                            Att once from hence my lynes, and I depart,
                            [TWHence run together with previous poem as
                            though they were one.]
CB        WN1.113 p.149     HE      %XTo: M: C: B:
                            Thy friend, whome thy desartes to thee enchaine
                            [ll. 2 3 6 7 10 11 13 14 ind
SB        WN1.114 p.150     HE      %XTo: M: S: B:
                            O thou which to search out the secrett partes
                            [ll. 2 3 6 7 10 11 13 14 ind
BB        WN1.115 pp.150-51 HE      %XTo: M: B: B:
                            Is not thy sacred hvnger of science
                            [ll. 2 3 6 7 10 11 13 14 16 17 20 21 24 25 27 28 ind
RWThird   WN1.116 pp.151-53 HE      %XTo: M: R: W:
                            Like one who in her widdowhood doth professe
                            [ll. 2 3 each st ind; triplets
RWSlumb   WN1.117 pp.153-54 HE      %XTo M:r R: W:
                            If as myne is, thy life a slumber bee,
                            [even lines ind
ILRoll    WN1.118 p.154     HE      %XTo: Mr: I: L:
                            Of that short roule of freinds writt in my hart
                            [even lines ind
ILBlest   WN1.119 pp.154-55 HE      %XTo Mr: I: P:
                            Blest are your North partes. for all this longe time
                            [even lines ind
ED        WN1.120 pp.155-56 HE      %XTo. the-E. of. D. with / %Xsix holy
                            See S.r how as the Suns hott Masculine flame
                            [ll. 2 3 6 7 10 12 ind
HWNews    WN1.121 pp.156-57 HE      %XTo: M.r: H: W:
                            Here is no more newes then vertue: I may as well
                            [ll. 2 3 each st. ind; triplets
HWKiss    WN1.122 pp.157-59 HE      %XTo Sr H W many yeares since.
                            S.r More then kisses letters mingle Soules; [no ind
HWVenice  WN1.123 pp.159-61 HE      %XTo Sr H W at his goeinge /
                                    %XAmbassadour to Venice
                            After those reuerend Papers, whose Soule is
                            [even lines ind; quatrains
HG        WN1.124 pp.161-63 HE      %XTo: S:r: H: G: moving him to trauaile.|
                            Who makes the past, A patterne for next yeare,
                            [even lines ind; quatrains
EdHerb    WN1.125 pp.163-65 HE      %XTo: Sr: : E: H:
                            Man is a lump, where all Beasts kneaded bee
                            [even lines ind
MHPaper   WN1.126 pp.165-67 HE      %XTo: M: M: H:
                            Mad paper staie; And grudge not here to burne
                            [even lines ind; quatrains
BedfReas  WN1.127 pp.167-68 HE      %XTo the Countesse of B. / %XMadam,
                            Reason is our Soules left hand, Fayth her right,
                            [no ind; quatrains
BedfHon   WN1.128 pp.169-71 HE      %XTo the Countesse of B.
                            Honor is so sublime perfection,
                            [no ind; triplets
BedfRef   WN1.129 pp.171-73 HE      %XTo the Countesse of B. / %XMadam
                            Yow haue refind mee; and to worthiest thinges
                            [ll. 2 4 each st ind; 6-line stanzas; st's
                            short horizontal line in LM
BedfWrit  WN1.130 pp.174-76 HE      %XTo the Countesse of B
                            To haue written then, when yow writt, seemd to mee
                            [even lines ind; page 177 misnumbered 178
BedfTwi   WN1.131 pp.178-80 HE      %XTo the Countesse of B: / %Xatt
                            This twylight of two yeares; not past, nor next
                            [ll. 2 4 5 each st ind; 5-line stanzas
BedfDead  WN1.132 pp.180-81 HE      %XTo the Countesse of B. begun in /
                                    %XFrance; but neuer perfected.
                            Though I bee dead and buried, yett I haue
                            [even lines ind; SS: Desunt Cae%Ltera
HuntMan   WN1.133 pp.181-84 HE      %XTo the: C: of H: / %XMadam
                            Man to Gods Image Eue to mans was made,
                            [even lines ind; quatrains]
Lam       WN1.134 pp.184-99 HE      %XThe Lamentation of Ieremy for /
                                    %Xthe most part according to Tremelius.|
                            How sitts this citie, late most populous,
                            [even lines ind; quatrains; verse numbers for each
                            quatrain in LM]
Lit       WN1.135 pp.200-02, 103-09 HE      %XA Letamie / %XThe Father.
                            Father of Heauen, and him, by whom
                            [ll. 1 3 5 each st short ind; l. 6 each st long ind;
                            9-line stanzas]
          WN1.136 pp.109-15 HE      Vearses made of ye / Lord Chancellor
                                    Viscount Saynt Albanes
                            When yow awake Dull Britaines, and behowld
                            [various couplets ind]
          WN1.137 pp.116-17 HE      %XVerses made by Sr Iohn Luson /
                                    %Xof the Lady: M: Cooke.
                            Nature and heaven, did in thy birth aspire
                            [ll. 9-12 both stz's short ind; ll. 13 14 long ind]
          WN1.138 pp.117-18 HE      Omitted
                            Cruell beauty that engagest
                            [quatrains; l. 4 each st ind]
          WN1.139 pp.118-[19] HE      Omitted
                            I sought in court where Cupids starrs appeere
                            [3 quatrains plus a final indented couplet]
          WN1.140 pp.[119-20] HE      %XTo my good Angell Assistant.|
                            Wounded all ore wthin, with out; I came
                            [no ind; 6-line stanzas; bottom 3/4 of p.220 blank]