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Sequential Index to B46

Stowe 961, British Library ms. (Stowe ms. I)

Compiled November 16, 1992 by Ted Sherman

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, and (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.). NB: This abbreviated index catalogs only the order and location of items in the ms., substituting DV short forms for headings and first lines.  The noncanonical items below are identified by headings and first lines.

This index last corrected March 8, 2002.

Sat2      B46.1,     ff. 1-3
Sat1      B46.2,     ff. 3v-5v
Sat4      B46.3,     ff. 6-10v
Har       B46.4,     ff. 11-15v
BedfHon   B46.5,     ff. 16-17
BedfCab   B46.6,      f. 17v
BedfReas  B46.7,      f. 18r-v
nc        B46.8,     ff. 19-20     HE  A Funeral Elegie Vpon the / Deathe of the Ladie / Markham.
                                   As Vnthrifts grieue in strawe, for there pawnd Beds
Mark      B46.9,     ff. 20v-21v 
Carey     B46.10,    ff. 22-23v
ElBed     B46.11,     f. 24r-v
ElChange  B46.12,     f. 25r-v
ElServe   B46.13,     f. 26r-v
LovInf    B46.14,     f. 27r-v
ElPerf    B46.15,    ff. 28-29
ElWar     B46.16,    ff. 29v-30
ElFatal   B46.17,    ff. 30v-31v
ElComp    B46.18,    ff. 31v-32
ElExpost  B46.19,    ff. 32v-33v
BoulNar   B46.20,    ff. 34-35
BoulRec   B46.21,    ff. 35v-36v
ElAut     B46.22,     f. 37-[missing pages]
[orig. pag. skips from 73 to 78]
Eclog     B46.23,    ff. 38-43
EpEliz    B46.24,    ff. 43v-45v
EpLin     B46.25,    ff. 46-47v
ElProg    B46.26,    ff. 48-49v
ElPart    B46.27,    ff. 50-51v
ElJeal    B46.28,     f. 52r-v
ElAnag    B46.29,     f. 53r-v
GoodM     B46.30,     f. 54
LovGrow   B46.31,     f. 54v
LovDeity  B46.32,     f. 55r-v
nc        B46.33,     f. 55v       HE    Fragment
                                   Beleeue not him, whom Loue hath lefte so wise
LovUsury  B46.34,     f. 56
Fever     B46.35,     f. 56v
Fun       B46.36,     f. 57
Flea      B46.37,     f. 57v
LovAlch   B46.38,     f. 58
nc        B46.39,    ff. 58v-59    HE    To Liuia
                                   Deare Loue continewe nice, and Chaste
Witch     B46.40,     f. 59v
Canon     B46.41,     f. 60r-v
ValWeep   B46.42,     f. 61
Air       B46.43,    ff. 61v
Appar     B46.44,     f. 62
nc        B46.45,     f. 62v       HE    Sonnett:
                                   Madam that Flea that Crept betweene your brests
Dream     B46.46,     f. 63
RWThird   B46.47,    ff. 63v-64
Ecst      B46.48,    ff. 64v-65v
HWNews    B46.49,     f. 66r-v
Anniv     B46.50,     f. 67
Will      B46.51,    ff. 67v-68
EdHerb    B46.52,    ff. 68v-69
Expir     B46.53,     f. 69v
nc        B46.54,     f. 69v       HE    The Houre Glasse:
                                   Doe but consider this Small Dust
nc        B46.55,    ff. 70-71     HE    A Paradoxe of a painted face:
                                  Not kisse? by Ioue I must, and make impression
nc        B46.56,     f. 71v       HE    Sonnett:
                                   Stay, oh Sweete; and doe not rise
Break     B46.56,     f. 71v
Fare      B46.57,     f. 72r-v
Bait      B46.58,     f. 73
TWHence   B46.59,     f. 73v
Mess      B46.60,     f. 74
SSweet    B46.61,    ff. 74v-75
SGo       B46.62,     f. 75v
Triple    B46.63,     f. 76
Broken    B46.64,    ff. 76v-77
Token     B46.65,     f. 77v
Antiq     B46.66,     f. 77v
Ind       B46.67,     f. 78
Leg       B46.68,     f. 78v
Lect      B46.69,     f. 79
nc        B46.70,     f. 79v       HE    Sonnett:
                                   If I freely may discouer
Para      B46.71,     f. 80
nc        B46.72,     f. 80v       HE    om
                                   Absence heare my protestation
Sorrow    B46.73,     f. 81
ElPict    B46.74,     f. 81v
SunRis    B46.75,     f. 82r-v
nc        B46.76,     f. 82v       HE    Songe:
                                  Loue bred of Glances twixt amorous eyes
LovDiet   B46.77,     f. 83r-v
Image     B46.78,     f. 84
ValMourn  B46.79,    ff. 84v-85
Commun    B46.80,     f. 85v
TWHail    B46.81,     f. 86r-v
Prohib    B46.82,     f. 86v
Twick     B46.83,     f. 87
MHPaper   B46.84,    ff. 87v-88
Blos      B46.85,    ff. 88v-89
Relic     B46.86,    ff. 89v-90
Damp      B46.87,     f. 90v
Prim      B46.88,     f. 91
ValName   B46.89,    ff. 91v-92
HWKiss    B46.90,    ff. 93-94
ElBrac    B46.91,    ff. 94v-96
[f. 96v blank]
HSMade    B46.92,     f. 97
HSDue     B46.93,     f. 97
HSSighs   B46.94,     f. 97v
HSPart    B46.95,     f. 97v
HSBlack   B46.96,     f. 98
HSScene   B46.97,     f. 98
HSLittle  B46.98,     f. 98v
HSRound   B46.99,     f. 98v
HSMin     B46.100,     f. 99
HSSouls   B46.101,    f. 99
HSDeath   B46.102,    f. 99v
HSWilt    B46.103,    f. 99v
GoodF     B46.104,    f. 100r-v
nc        B46.105,    f. 101       HE    On the Blessed Virgin, Marie: / Sonnett:
                                   In that, O Queene of Queenes thy Birth was free
Corona    B46.106,   ff. 101v-103
Annun     B46.107,   ff. 103v-104
Lit       B46.108,   ff. 104v-108v
Father    B46.109,    f. 109
Christ    B46.110,   ff. 109v-110
Sickness  B46.111,   ff. 110v-111
[ff. 111v-112 blank]

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