DigitalDonne: the Online Variorum

What will be installed on your computer

  1. The following Visual Basic system files will be installed in the folder C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\:
    1. ASYCFILT.DLL (145KB)
    2. COMCAT.DLL (16KB)
    3. CTL3D32.DLL (26KB)
    4. MSVBVM50.DL (1,324KB)
    5. OLEAUT32.DLL (585KB)
    6. OLEPRO32.DLL (161KB)
    7. STDOLE2.TLB (18KB)
  2. The following application fileswill be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\:
    1. DV-COLL.EXE (190KB)--the collation program
    2. F-GEN.EXE (37KB)--the frame file generator program
    3. UNINST000.DAT (8KB)--datafile for the uninstaller program
    4. UNINST000.EXE (66KB)-the uninstaller program
  3. The following general documentation files will be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\COLLDOC\:
    1. AsciiCod.JPG (120KB)--a list of Donne Variorum Markup Tags for text entry
    2. filesins.html (6KB)--a list of all installed files and their locations
    3. GLOSSARY.HTML (6KB)--a glossary of some terms used in the documentation
    4. GPL.HTML (17B)--a copy of the GNU Public License
    5. GuidePag.HTML (2KB)--documentation home page; contains links to all documentation files
    6. HISTORY.HTML (8KB)--a brief history of the Donne Variorum Textual Collation Program
    7. LICENOTE.HTML (4KB)--licensing rules for redistributing and/or modifying the programs
  4. The following documentation files for DV-COLL will be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\COLLDOC\DV-COLL\:
    1. UsingDVC.HTML (32KB)--complete instructions for using DV-COLL
    2. COLDONE.JPG (13KB)--image file for "UsingDVC" (collate panel)
    3. COLWIND.JPG (9KB)--image file for "UsingDVC" (collate panel)
    4. ICONS.JPG (2KB)--image file for "UsingDVC" (desktop icons)
    5. LAUNPAD.JPG (28KB)--image file for "UsingDVC" (launchpad empty)
    6. LAUNPAD2.JPG (30KB)--image file for "UsingDVC" (launchpad loaded)
    7. TITSCRN.JPG (30KB)--image file for "UsingDVC" (title screen)
  5. The following documentation files for F-GEN will be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\COLLD0C\F-GEN\:
    1. UsingFGN.HTML (10KB)--complete instructions for using F-GEN
    2. F-GENSCR.JPG (38KB)--image file for "UsingFGN" (F-GEN panel empty)
    3. F-GENFIL.JPG (39KB)--image file for "UsingFGN" (F-GEN panel loaded)
  6. The following accessory files will be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\ICONS\:
    1. BOOKS05.ICO (2K)--"Books" Icon for DV-COLL
    2. PEN05.ICO (2KB)--"Pen" Icon for F-GEN
  7. Start menu links will be created in the Start -> Programs -> DV-COLL group. To access this group, click the Start button, scroll up to Programs, and then click on DV-COLL. The following items will appear:
    1. DV-COLL--launches the DV-COLL program
    2. F-GEN--launches the F-GEN program
    3. DV-COLL--F-GEN Guide--brings up the documentation home page
    4. Uninstall DV-COLL--completely uninstalls/deletes the DV-COLL package
  8. The following desktop icons will be placed on the Desktop for convenience in launching the programs:
    1. DV-COLL (the "Books" Icon)
    2. F-GEN (the "Pens" Icon)


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