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but cure these affections, which are the
bestiall part.
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To Sir H. Goodere.

Every tuesday I make account that I turn
a great hour-glass, and consider that a
weeks life is run out since I writ. But if I
aske my self what I have done in the last
watch, or would do in the next, I can say
nothing; if I say that I have passed it with-
out hurting any, so may the Spider in my
window. The primitive Monkes were
excusable in their retirings and enclosures
of themselves: for even of them every one
cultivated his own garden and orchard,
that is, his soul and body, by meditation,
and manufactures; and they ought the
world no more since they consumed none
of her sweetnesse, nor begot others to bur-
den her. But for me, if I were able to hus-
band all my time so thriftily, as not onely
not to wound my soul in any minute by
actuall sinne, but not to rob and cousen her
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