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of you familiar and ordinary in me,
though they have seldome the help of
this conveyance to your knowledge: I am
loth to leave; for as long as in any fashion,
I can have your brother and you here, you
make my house a kinde of Dorvey; but
since I cannot stay you here, I will come
thither to you; which I do, by wrapping up
in this paper, the heart of
Line omitted
Your most affectionate servant
J. Donne.

To Sir Thomas Roe.

It is an ease to your friends abroad, that
you are more a man of businesse then
heretofore; for now it were an injury to
trouble you with a busie Letter. But by the
same reason I were inexcusable if I should
not write at all, since the lesse, the more ac-
ceptable; therefore, Sir, though I have no
more to say, but to renew the obligations
I have towards you, and to continue my
[CW: place]

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