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To Mrs Martha Garet.

Though there be much merit, in the fa-
vour your brother hath done me in a
visit, yet that which doth enrich and per-
fect it, is, that he brought you with him;
which he doth, as well by letting me see
how you do, as by giving me occasions, and
leave to talk with you by this Letter: if you
have any servant, which wishes you better
then I, it must be because he is able to put
his wishes into a better frame, and expresse
them better, and understand proportion,
and greatnesse better then I. I am willing
to confesse my impotencie; which is, that
I know no wish good enough for you; if
any doe, my advantage is, that I can exceed
his, by adding mine to it. You must not
think that I begin to think thus, when you
begin to hear it, by a Letter; As sometimes
by the changing of the winde, you begin to
hear a Trumpet, which sounded long be-
fore you heard it; so are these thoughts
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