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is my onely vertue) thankfull: so despe-
rate fortunes as mine, may well make
friends loth to doe curtesies, because an in-
ability in deserving or requiting, takes from
them the honour of having done a curtesie,
and leaves it but the poor name of an alms;
and alms may be given in easier proporti-
ons, and more meritoriously. But Sr, by
what name or weight soever you esteem
this kindnesse which you have done me, I
value it so, as might alone perswade me of
your care of me; in recompense of which,
you must be pleased to accept new assuran-
ces that I am
Line omitted
I pray let my service be/ Your very affectionate servant,
presented by you to/ J. Donne.
Mr Roope.

To Mr George Garet.
I have not received that Letter, which by
this, I perceive you sent to London; if there
were any thing in that, by which I might
have taken occasion to have done you ser-
[CW: vice]

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