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with mine own weary soul, and commend
my self to yours. I doubt not but next
week I shall be good news to you, for I
have mending or dying on my side, which
is two to one. If I continue thus, I shall
have comfort in this, that my B. Saviour
exercising his Justice upon my two world-
ly parts, my fortune, and body, reserves all
his mercy for that which best tasts it, and
most needs it, my soul. I professe to you
truly, that my lothnesse to give over now,
seems to my self an ill sign, that I shall
write no more.
Line omitted
Your poor friend, and Gods poor patient,
Jo. Donne.

To my worthy and honoured friend Mr George
I am sorry, if your care of me have made
you importune to any body else; yet I
cannot be very sorry because it gives new
testimonies of your favour to me, of which
I shall ever be very glad, and (that which
[CW: is]

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