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of; but with the last and the next weeks
heart and affection.
Line omitted
Yours very truely and affectionately
J. Donne.

To Sir H.G.
This letter hath more merit, then one
of more diligence, for I wrote it in
my bed, and with much pain. I have occasi-
on to sit late some nights in my study,
(which your books make a prety library)
and now I finde that that room hath a
wholesome emblematique use: for having
under it a vault, I make that promise me, that
I shall die reading, since my book and a
grave are so near. But it hath another as
unwholesome, that by raw vapors
rising from thence, (for I can impute it to
nothing else) I have contracted a sicknesse
which I cannot name nor describe. For it
hath so much of a continuall Cramp, that
it wrests the sinews, so much of a Tetane,
that it withdraws and puls the mouth, and
[CW: so]

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