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and my writing this Sermon is too equall:
that that your Ladiship heard in a hoarse
voyce then, you read in a course hand now:
but in thankfulnesse I shall lift up my hands
as clean as my infirmities can keep them,
and a voyce as clear as his spirit shall
be pleased to tune in my prayers in all places
of the world, which shall either sustain or
Line omitted
Your Ladiships humble servant
in Christ Iesus
J. D.

To Sir H.R.

If a whole year be but Annus ab Annulo,
because it returnes into it self, what An-
nulus shall be diminutive enough, to express
our weekly revolutions? In chaines the least
linkes have most curiosity, but that can be
no emblem of us: but they have also the
most strength, and that may. The first sphere
onely which is resisted by nothing, absolves
his course every day; and so doth true
friendship well placed, often iterate in act
[CW: or]

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