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of a noble love unto you, (which are the
best fruits that so poor a soil, as my poor
soul is, can produce) you may be pleased to
allow the Letter thus much of the souls
privilege, as to exempt it from straitnesse
of hours, or any measure of times, and so
beleeve it came then. And for my part, I
shall make it so like my soul, that as that
affection, of which it is the messenger, be-
gun in me without my knowing when,
any more then I know when my soul be-
gan; so it shall continue as long as that.
Line omitted
Your most affectionate friend and servant
J. D.

To the right honourable the Countess of Montgomery.

Of my ability to doe your Ladiship
service, any thing may be an em-
bleme good enough; for as a word vani-
sheth, so doth any power in me to serve
you; things that are written are fitter testi-
monies, because they remain and are per-
[CW: manent:]

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