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I remember, I had this answer, That cer-
tainly, there was a false thread in it, but not
easily found: Keep it, I pray, with the same
jealousie; let any that your discretion ad-
mits to the sight of it, know the date of it;
and that it is a Book written by Jack Donne,
and not by D. Donne: Reserve it for me, if
I live, and if I die, I only forbid it the Presse,
and the Fire: publish it not, but yet burn it
not; and between those, do what you will
with it. Love me still, thus farre, for your
own sake, that when you withdraw your
love from me, you will finde so many un-
worthinesses in me, as you grow ashamed
of having had so long, and so much, such a
thing as
Line omitted
Your poor servant in Chr. Jes.
J. Donne.

To the Countesse of Bedford.

Amongst many other dignities which
this letter hath by being received and
seen by you, it is not the least, that it was
[CW: pro-]

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