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yet they, most of any sort of men in the
world, have practised it.
Line omitted
Your very true and earnest friend
and servant and lover
J. Donne.

To Sr Robert Carre now Earle of Ankerum, with my
Book Biathanatos at my going into Germany.

I had need do somewhat towards you
above my promises; How weak are my
performances, when even my promises are
defective? I cannot promise, no not in
mine own hopes, equally to your merit to-
wards me. But besides the Poems, of
which you took a promise, I send you ano-
ther Book to which there belongs this
History. It was written by me many years
since; and because it is upon a misinter-
pretable subject, I have always gone so near
suppressing it, as that it is onely not burnt:
no hand hath passed upon it to copy it, nor
many eyes to read it: onely to some parti-
cular friends in both Universities, then
when I writ it, I did communicate it: And
[CW: I]

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