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To the Noblest Knight Sr. Edward Herbert L. of
Cherbury; sent to him with his
Book Biathanatos.

I make accompt that this book hath e-
nough performed that which it under-
took, both by argument and example. It
shall therefore the lesse need to be it self a-
nother example of the Doctrine. It shall
not therefore kill it self; that is, not bury
it self; for if it should do so, those reasons,
by which that act should be defended or
excused, were also lost with it. Since it is con-
tent to live,it cannot chuse a wholsomeraire
then your Library, where Authors of all
complexions are presented. If any of them
grudge this book a room, and suspect it of
new or dangerous doctrine, you who
know us all, can best moderate. To those
reasons which I know your love to me will
make in my favour and discharge, you may
adde this, that though this doctrine hath
not been taught nor defended by writers,
[CW: yet]

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