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To my honoured friend S: T. Lucey.

I make account that this writing of letters,
when it is with any seriousness, is a kind
of extasie, and a departure and secession and
suspension of the soul, wch doth then commu-
nicate it self to two bodies: And as I would
every day provide for my souls last convoy,
though I know not when I shall die, and
perchance I shall never die; so for these
extasies in letters, I oftentimes deliver my
self over in writing when I know not
when those letters shall be sent to you,
and many times they never are, for I have a
little satisfaction in seeing a letter written
to you upon my table, though I meet no
opportunity of sending it. Especially this
summer, when either by my early retiring
home, or your irresolutions of your own
purposes, or some other possessions of yours
you did lesse reveale to me your progresses,
and stations, and where I might crosse you
by letters, then heretofore: I make shift
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