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To the Honourable L. the Lady Kingsmel upon/ the death of her Husband.

Those things which God dissolves at
once, as he shall do the Sun, and
Moon, and those bodies at the last confla-
gration, he never intends to reunite again;
but in those things, which he takes in
pieces, as he doth man, and wife, in these
divorces, by death, and in single persons,
by the divorce of body and soul, God hath
another purpose to make them up again.
That piece which he takes to himself, is pre-
sently cast in a mould, and in an instant
made fit for his use; for heaven is not a
place of a proficiency, but of present per-
fection. That piece which he leaves behinde
in this world, by the death of a part thereof,
growes fitter and fitter for him, by the
good use of his corrections, and the intire
conformity to his will. Nothing dispropor-
tions us, nor makes us so uncapable of be-
ing reunited to those whom we loved here,
[CW: as]

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