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served to a good issue. I remember I should
have sent it by a servant, of whose diligence
I see I was too confident. I know not
what it says: but I dare make this letter no
longer, because being very sure that I al-
ways think the same thoughts of you, I am
afraid I should fall upon the same words,
and so send one letter twice together.
Your very affectionate
Novemb. 8./ servant J. D.

04.L54.0HE To the Honourable Lady Mrs. B. W.

I have but small comfort in this letter;
the messenger comes too easily to me,
and I am too sure that the letter shall be de-
livered. All adventures towards you should
be of more difficulty and hazard. But per-
chance I need not lament this; it may be so
many of my letters are lost already that it is
time that one should come, like Jobs ser-
vant, to bring word, that the rest were lost.
If you have had more before, this comes to
[CW: aske]

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