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and come as a visitor and overseer of this
Hospitall of mine, and dine or sup at this
miserable chezmey.

Your humble and thankfullest servant
4 Jan. 1626.
J. Donne.

To my Noble friend Mris Cokain at

My noblest sister,
But that it is sweetned by your
command, nothing could trouble me
more, then to write of my self. Yet, if I
would have it known, I must write it my
self; for, I neither tell children, nor servants,
my state. I have never good temper, nor
good pulse, nor good appetite, nor good
sleep. Yet, I have so much leasure to recol-
lect my self, as that I can thinke I have been
long thus, or often thus. I am not alive,
[CW: because]

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