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To the Honourable Knight Sir Robert Karre,
at Court.

I have obeyed the formes of our Church
of Pauls so much, as to have been a so-
lemn Christmas man, and tryed conclusi-
ons upon my selfe, how I could sit out the
siege of new faces, every dinner. So that I
have not seen the B. in some weeks. And
I know not whether he be in case, to afford
that privacy, which you justly desire. This
day I am in my bondage of entertaining.
Suppers I presume, are inconvenient to you.
But this evening I will spie upon the B. and
give you an account to morrow morning
of his disposition; when, if he cannot be
intire to you, since you are gone so farre
downwards in your favours to me, be plea-
sed to pursue your humiliation so farre as
to chuse your day, and either to suffer the
solitude of this place, or to change it, by
such company, as shall waite upon you,
[CW: and]

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