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you dined with me to day, and come, if your
businesse require your going to his Lord-
ship, you may dine with him, after you
have fasted with me. To day, or any day,
which may be more yours, I aske it of
you with all earnestnesse, on this side im-
portunity, which is the detestation of

Your humblest and thankfullest servant
J. Donne.

To the Right Honourable Sir Robert Karre,
at Court.

This morning I have received a signi-
fication from my Lord Chamber-
laine, that his Majesty hath commanded
to morrows Sermon at S. James; And that
it is in the after-noon; (for, into my
mouth there must not enter the word, after-
dinner, because that day there enters no
[CW: dinner]

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