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To the Right Honourable Sir Robert Karre,
at Court.

I pursued my ambition of having the ho-
nour to kisse your hands some where,
so farre, as to inform my self occasional-
ly of my great neighbour. And I perceive
he is under an inundation of uncertain
commers, which he cannot devest, ex-
cept as I had your leave, to speake plain to
him. A second inconvenience is, that he is
so deafe, that we must speake to the whole
house, if we will speake to him. And a
third is, that I am in a riddling, rather
a juggling indisposition, fast and loose,
and therefore dare not stirre farre. Yet Sir,
I am not thereby unfit to receive the honor
of seeing you here, if greater businesse have
not overcome, or worn out, your for-
mer inclinablenesse to come into these
quarters. If you shall be pleased to say to
my man, that you will make as though
[CW: you]

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