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heartiest repentance. And in the pleasures of
this life, it is better that the variety of the
pleasures give us the taste and appetite to
it, then a sowre and sad interruption quic-
ken our stomack; for then we live by Phy-
sick. I wish therefore all your happinesses
such as this intire, and without flaw, or
spot of discontentment; and such is the love
and service of

Strand S. Peters Your humblest, and affectionatest
day at 4. servant J. D.

To the same.


This letter which I send enclosed hath
been yours many moneths, and hath
languished upon my table for a passage so
long, that as others send news in their let-
ters, I send an antiquity in mine. I durst
not tear it, after it was yours: there is some
sacriledge in defacing any thing consecrated
to you, and some impiety to despaire that
any thing devoted to you should not be re-
[CW: served]

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