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ligion I was born in, and the peace of the
State, and the rectifying of the Conscience;
in these I shall walke, and as I have from
you a new seal thereof, in this Letter, so I
had ever evidence in mine own observati-
on, that these ways were truly, as they are
justly, acceptable in his Majesties eare. Our
blessed Saviour multiply unto him all bles-
sings; Amen.

Your very true and intire servant in Chr. Jes.

J. Donne.

To the Right Honourable Sir Robert Karre,
at Court.

I was this morning at your door, some-
what early; and I am put into such a
distaste of my last Sermon, as that I dare
not practise any part of it, and therefore
though I said then, that we are bound to
[CW: speake]

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