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ons being taken, and displeasure kindled
at this, I am afraid, it was rather brought
thither, then met there. If you know any
more, fit for me, (because I hold that unfit
for me, to appear in my Masters sight, as
long as this cloud hangs, and therefore, this
day forbear my ordinary waitings) I be-
seech you to intimate it to

Your very humble and very thankfull servant

J. Donne.

To the Right Honourable Sir Robert Karre,
at Court.

I humbly thanke you, for this continu-
ing me in your memory, and enlarging
me so far, as to the memory of my Sove-
raign, and (I hope) my Master. My Tenets
are always, for the preservation of the Re-
[CW: ligion]

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