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To the Right Honourable Sir Robert Karre.

A few hours after I had the honour of
your Letter, I had another from my
Lord of Bath and Wells, commanding
from the King a Copy of my Sermon. I
am in preparations of that, with diligence,
yet this morning I waited upon his Lord-
ship, and laid up in him this truth, that of
the B. of Canterburies Sermon, to this hour,
I never heard syllable, nor what way, nor
upon what points he went: And for mine,
it was put into that very order, in which
I delivered it, more then two moneths
since. Freely to you I say, I would I were
a little more guilty: Onely mine innocency
makes me afraid. I hoped for the Kings
approbation heretofore in many of my Ser-
mons; and I have had it. But yesterday I
came very near looking for thanks; for, in
my life, I was never in any one peece, so
studious of his service. Therefore, excepti-
[CW: ons]

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