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To the Honourable Knight, Sir Robert Karre.


I was loth to bee the onely man who
should have no part in this great Festi-
vall; I thought therefore to celebrate
that well, by spending some part of it in
your company. This made mee seek you
againe this after noone, though I were
guilty to my selfe of having done so every
day since your comming. I confesse such
an importunity is worthy to be punished
with such a missing; yet, because it is the
likeliest reparation of my Fortunes to hope
upon Reversions, I would be glad of that
Title in you: that, after solemnities, and
businesses, and pleasures be passed over, my
time may come, and you may afford some
of your last leisures to

Your affectionate and humble servant

4 Novemb. J. Donne.
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