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sake, I beseech you to doe, since you have
admitted me for

Your humble servant
J. Donne.

To the Honoured Knight, Sir
Robert Karre.

I amend to no purpose, nor have any
use of this inchoation of health, which
I finde, except I preserve my roome, and
station in you. I beginne to bee past
hope of dying: And I feele that a little
ragge of Monte Magor, which I read last
time I was in your Chamber, hath
wrought prophetically upon mee, which
is, that Death came so fast towards mee,
that the over-joy of that recovered mee.
Sir, I measure not my health by my ap-
petite, but onely by my abilitie to come
to kisse your hands: which since I can-
not hope in the compasse of a few dayes,
[CW: I be-]

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