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To the Honourable Knight, Sir
Robert Karre.


I sought you yesterday with a purpose
of accomplishing my health, by the
honour of kissing your hands. But I finde
by my going abroad, that as the first Chri-
stians were forced to admit some Jewish
Ceremonies, onely to burie the Synagogue
with honour, so my Feaver will have so
much reverence and respect, as that I must
keep sometimes at home. I must there-
fore be bold to put you to the pain of con-
sidering me. If therefore my Lord upon
your deliverie of my last Letter, said no-
thing to you of the purpose thereof; let me
tell you now, that it was, that in obedience
of his commandment, to acquaint him
with any thing which might advantage
me, I was bold to present that which I
heard, which was that Sir D. Carlton was
[CW: likely]

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