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businesse, nor importunity; but as by our
Law, a man may be Felo de se, if he kill
himself, so I think a man may be Fur de se,
if he steale himself out of the memory of
them, which are content to harbour
him. And now I begin to be loath to be
lost, since I have afforded my selfe some
valuation and price, ever since I received
the stampe and impression of being

Your very humble and affectionate servant
J. Donne.

To the Honourable Knight Sir Robert Karre,
Gentleman of his Highnesses Bed chamber.

I have always your leave to use my liber-
ty, but now I must use my bondage.
Which is my necessity of obeying a pre-
contract laid upon me. I go to morrow to
Camberwell a mile beyond Southwark. But
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