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To your selfe.

I make shift to think that I promised you
this book of French Satyrs. If I did not, yet
it may have the grace of acceptation, both
as it is a very forward and early fruit, since
it comes before it was looked for, and as
it comes from a good root, which is an
importune desire to serve you. Which
since I saw from the beginning, that I
should never do in any great thing, it is
time to begin to try now, whether by of-
ten doing little services, I can come to-
wards any equivalence. For, except I can
make a rule of naturall philosophy, serve
also in morall offices, that as the strongest
bodies are made of the smallest particles, so
the strongest friendships may be made of
often iterating small officiousnesses, I see I
can be good for nothing. Except you know
reason to the contrary, I pray deliver this
Letter according to the addresse. It hath no
[CW: businesse,]

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