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To the Honourable Knight Sir Robert

Lest you should thinke your selfe too
much beholding to your fortune, and
so relie too much upon her hereafter, I
am bold to tell you, that it is not onely
your good fortune that hath preserved you
from the importunity of my visits all this
time. For my ill fortune, which is stron-
ger, then any mans good fortune, hath
concurred in the plot to keep us asunder,
by infecting one in my house with the
Measels. But all that, is so safely over-
worne, that I dare, not onely desire to
put my selfe into your presence, but by
your mediation, a little farther. For,
esteeming my selfe, by so good a title, as
my Lords own words, to be under his
providence, and care of my fortune, I
make it the best part of my studies now how I
might ease his Lordship by finding out
[CW: some-]

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