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To the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount
of Rochester.

My most Honourable good Lord,

After I was grown to be your Lord-
ships, by all the titles that I could
thinke upon, it hath pleased your Lordship
to make another title to me, by buying me.
You may have many better bargaines in
your purchases, but never a better title then
to me, nor any thing which you may call
yours more absolutely and intirely. If there-
fore I appeare before your Lordship some-
times in these Letters of thankfulnesse, it
may be an excusable boldnesse, because they
are part of your evidences by which you
hold me. I know there may be degrees of
importunity even in thankfulnesse: but
your lordship is got above the danger of
suffering that from me, or my Letters, both
because my thankfulnesse cannot reach to
the benefits already received, and because
the favour of receiving my Letters is a new
[CW: benefit.]

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