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To the Honourable Knight Sir Robert
Karre, Gentleman of his Highnesses

I am come to that tendernesse of con-
science, that I need a pardon for mean-
ing to come to Newmarket in this weather.
If I had come, I must have asked you many
reall pardons, for the many importunities
that I should have used towards you. But
since I have divers errands thither, (except
I belie my self in that phrase, since it is all
one errand to promove mine own business,
and to receive your commands) I shall give
you but a short respit, since I shall follow
this paper within two dayes. And (that I
accuse my self, no farther then I am guilty)
the principall reason of my breaking the
appointment of waiting upon M. Rawlins,
was, that I understood the King was from
Newmarket; and for comming thither in
the Kings absence, I never heard of excuse;
[CW: except]

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