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To my very much Honoured friend George
Garret Esquire

When we thinke of a friend,we
do not count that a lost thought,
though that friend never knew of it. If we
write to a friend, we must not call it a lost
Letter, though it never finde him to whom
it was addressed: for we owe our selves
that office, to be mindefull of our friends.
In payment of that debt, I send out this
Letter, as a Sentinell Perdue; if it finde you,
it comes to tell you, that I was possessed
with a Fever, so late in the year, that I am
afraid I shall not recover confidence to
come to London till the spring be a little ad-
vanced. Because you did our poore family
the favour, to mention our George in your
Letters to Spain, with some earnestnesse,
I should wonder if you never had any
thing from thence concerning him; he
having been now, divers moneths, in
[CW: Spaine.]

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