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To my Honoured Friend, Master
George Gherard.

Your letter was the more welcome to
mee, because it brought your com-
mandment with it, of sending you per-
fumes: for it is a Service somewhat like
a Sacrifice. But yet your commandment
surprised me, when neither I had enough
to send, nor had means to recover more;
that Ladie being out of Towne which
gave them me. But Sir, if I had 10000000.
I could send you no more then I doe; for
I send all. If any good occasion present it
selfe to you, to send to my L. Clifford, spare
my name a roome, there where you offer
him most of your Service. I dare contend
with you, that you cannot exceed mee, in
desiring to serve him. It is a better office
from me to you, that I goe to bed, then that
I write a longer letter. For if I doe mine
eyes a little more injurie, I shall lose the
[CW: honour]

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