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To the Honourable Knight, Sir Robert Karre.


This is but a Postscript to the last
Letter, and it is onely to tell you,
that it was an impertinent jealousie
that I conceived of that Gentlemans ab-
sence from my L. for he gives that full Te-
stimonie of him, that he never discerned
any kinde of unfintesse in him for any im-
ployment, except too much goodnesse; and
Conscientiousnesse may sometimes make
him somewhat lesse fit for some kindes of
businesse, then a man of a looser raine.
And this is all, that I conceive to have been
in the commandment wherewith you ho-

2. Aug 1622. Your very humble and thankfull
Servant in Christ Jesus
John Donne:
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