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To the Honourable Knight, Sir Robert Karre.


The same houre that I received the
honour of your commandments, by
your letter left at my poore house, I put
my selfe upon the way hither. So that I
am here in the habite of a Traveller, and
(suitable to the rest of my unworthinesses)
unfit for great Presences. Therefore, I ab-
stain from waiting upon you presently;
besides that in this abstinence, (except I
misinterpret the last words of your letter to
my advantage) I obey your directions,
in sending before I come to you. How-
soever, Sir, I am intirely at your disposing,
if you will be pleased to adde this favor to
the rest, that I may understand, wherein
you will use your Authoritie and Power,
which you have over

Your poore and humble servant

John Donne.

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