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To the Honourable Knight, Sir
Robert Karre.


If I would calumniate, I could say no
ill of that Gentleman: I know not
whether my L. or my selfe tooke the first
apprehension of it; but I remember that
very soone wee concurred in a good opi-
nion of him; thereupon for justifying
our owne forwardnesse, wee observed
him more throughly, and found all the
way good reason to ratifie our first esti-
mation of him. This gave my L. oc-
casion to send him abroade in his Service
after: how hee satisfied him in that im-
ployment, indeed I know not. But,
that I disguise nothing, I remember my
L. told mee sometimes in his absence,
that hee had not Account from him of
some things, which hee had deposed in
[CW: him.]

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