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tained in your memorie, impute to your
owne Vertues, which have wrought so
much upon

Your humble servant
John Donne.

To the Honourable Knight, Sir Robert Karre.

I make account that it is a day of great
distribution of Honours at Court: I
would not therefore lose my part, and in-
crease therein; since very Letter admitted
by you from mee, is a new stone in my best
building, which is, my roome in your ser-
vice: so much you adde to me, everie time
you give me leave thus to kisse your hands.
But, Sir, everie addition preimagins a bee-
ing, and the time of my beeing and Cre-
ation is not yet come: which I am sure
you will advance; because else I am no
competent Subject of your favours, and
additions. I know, by your forbearing
[CW: to]

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