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To the Honourable Knight, Sir
Robert Karre.


Perchance others may have told you,
that I am relapsed into my Fever: but
that which I must intreat you to condole
with me, is, that I am relapsed into good
degrees of health; your cause of sorrow for
that, is, that you are likely to be the more
troubled with such an impertinencie, as I
am; and mine is, that I am fallen from
fair hopes, of ending all; yet I have scaped
no better cheap, then that I have paid
death one of my Children for my Ran-
some. Because I loved it well, I make
account that I dignifie the memorie of it,
by mentioning of it to you, else I should
not be so homely. Impute this brevitie
of writing to you upon no Subject, to my
sicknesse, in which men use to talke idly:
but my profession of desiring to bee re-
[CW: tained]

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