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To your fair sister.

The dignity, and the good fortune due
to your Letter, hath preserved a pac-
quet so well, that through France and
Germany it is at last come to me at Spâ.
This good experience makes me in despite
of contrary appearances, hope that I shall
finde some messenger for this, before I re-
move, though it be but two dayes. For,
even Miracles are but little and slight things,
when any thing which either concernes
your worthinesse is in consideration or my
valuation of it. If I faile in this hope of a
messenger, I shall not grudge to do my selfe
this service of bringing it into England, that
you may hear me say there, that I have
thus much profited by the honour of your
conversation, and Contemplation, that I
am, as your vertues are, every where
equall; and that, that which I shall say
then at London, I thought and subscribed
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