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To my Honoured friend M. George Garrat.

I would I were so good an Alchimist to
perswade you that all the vertue of the
best affections, that one could expresse in
a sheet, were in this ragge of paper. It be-
comes my fortune to deale thus in single
money; and I may hit better with this
hail-shot of little Letters (because they may
come thick) then with great bullets; and
trouble my friends lesse. I confesse it were
not long enough if it came to present my
thankes for all the favours you have done
me; but since it comes to begge more, per-
chance it may be long enough, because I
know not how short you will be with an
absent friend. If you will but write that you
give me leave to keep that name still, it
shall be the gold of your Letter: and for
allay, put in as much newes as you will.
We are in a place where scarce any money
appeares, but base: as, I confesse, all mat-
[CW: ters]

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