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To your selfe.

All your other Letters, which came
to me by more hazardous waies, had
therefore much merit in them; but for
your Letter by M. Pory, it was but a little
degree of favour, because the messenger
was so obvious, and so certain, that you
could not chuse but write by him. But since
he brought me as much Letter as all the
rest, I must accept that, as well as the rest.
By this time, M. Garret, when you know
in your conscience that you have sent no
Letter, you beginne to look upon the su-
perscription, and doubt that you have
broken up some other bodies Letter: but
whose so ever it were it must speak the same
language, for I have heard from no body.
Sir, if there be a Proclamation in England
against writing to me, since it is there-
by become a matter of State, you might
have told M. Pory so. And you might have
[CW: told]

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